ASID Nashville meeting

We had the opportunity to teach a CEU credit course for the local ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) chapter here in Nashville on March 11th.  We presented to a class room full of local interior designers and had a great response. 

Our class is entitled Go Green Save Green and covers all types of interior and exterior light sources such as: Ceramic Metal Halide to LED.  LED seems to be the growing trend of all light source and we are happy to share our knowledge of the new product.  This class adds an added value to interior designers and landscape architect because we are nationally accredited and they can use this class as a continuing education credit. (1 hour course.)  

I also wanted to thank Ms. Jones of Nashville’s ASID for presenting us with this opportunity to express our love and passion for outdoor lighting design and allowing us to educate others about lighting!

Michael Wynn

Facebook Friends….

Social Media Marketing is the new wave of marketing and I witnessed it first hand just a couple of weeks ago.  I recently opened a FaceBook account for our company just to have one additional outlet to keep Outdoor Lighting Perspectives  in the public eye.  Within two hours of posting our first pictures on the site I received a call from a local interior designer that writes her own blog about companies in our market.  She noticed us on Facebook and wanted to feature our company in her next blog post – I was honored! 

Her name is Julia Allen and she writes a wonderful blog.  Please go check her out at

I wanted to pass this along to the readers that this is a connection that our company may not have found if it was not for Social Media.  

Michael Wynn    -     Outdoorlighting Perspectives of Nashville

Happy Early Spring

As I am driving back from the North Georgia mountains yesterday I had time to think about all the cold weather that we have had and thought to myself – “When is it ever going to warm up?” As I thought about that for a while I started to see signs that spring is on its way to middle Tennessee (I am not saying we don’t have some cold days ahead of us) but the “little things” that people do when warmer weather is approaching. Sometimes we are moving so fast that we don’t even noticed the small things like: the children starting to ride their bikes up and down the driveway, the next door neighbor pressure washing the patio, or even the way people interact with one another (usually the warmer the weather the friendlier the interaction!!)

As I drove I noticed that the traffic on the road was just a little heavier as I approached Nashville.  It seemed as if people were starting to “wake up” from a long winters nap and start looking for an activity that would make them feel more involved with their environment.  I stopped at a small convenient store, outside of town, and over heard two older gentlemen talking about the garden they were planting this year – they were sitting outside too!   I saw two kids throwing a baseball talking about the up coming baseball sign up day at the school.  All of this lead me write down a few things that I plan on doing to get ready for the much anticipated spring season:

1.         Clean that patio off – I have let my patio become a collection of “STUFF.” 

2.         Cut and trim all the dead limbs of my trees – I want to get this done before all the leaves start growing back and I just bought myself a new chainsaw!

3.         Buy that swing that my wife wants to put on our front porch

4.         Hit the gym, ha!

5.         Donate all the old summer clothes that I don’t plan on wearing this season – there are plenty of charities in need

….and the last item on my list is to “wake up” from my winter hibernation and get out and enjoy this beautiful home of middle Tennessee….

Spring really starts around March 20th but I’m starting now – Happy Early Spring Everyone…

Antique and Garden Show (Follow up)

I would like to say “thank you” for everyone who stopped by our booth at the Antique and Garden show on the 11th – 13th on this month in downtown Nashville.  I hope that you had a chance to view our LED lighting in Paul Lively and Todd Breyer’s gardens at the show.  We are happy to announce that Todd brought home the best in show ribbon and I wanted to personally congratulate him!  Also thanks to both Paul and Todd for allowing us to display our new LED lighting line in their beautiful gardens.

Here are some pictures from the show:
























More show News….

If you missed us at the Antique and Garden show and would like to view our LED products please stop by our both at the Nashville Lawn and Garden show next week, March 3rd – 7th.  We will have our booth as well as lighting in multiple gardens.  Stop by to say “hello.”

Top 5 Winter Projects…

1.         Getting Warmer

Make sure your pipes are protected from the winter elements.  You may want to contact a local plumber to make sure that you have your home fully protected.

2.         Warm efficiently

Call a local contractor to discus heating your home more efficiently.  Everyone wants to save a dollar so if you can heat your home and save on power consumption, why not? Green heating is becoming a big industry in the US. .

3.         Winter Remodeling

Have you ever thought about a home automation project for your home or a home theater system?  Winter time is a great time to look into this type of project.  There are companies that will offer free in home design consults that will sit down to listen to your needs and wants.

4.         In Home Design

Do you have a room that you have always wanted to decorate but really never took the time – why not now? It is to cold to go out and enjoy the great outdoors so why not enjoy that room in the house that never gets used.  If you are lacking ideas call an interior designer  for help on the project.

5.         Start planning for the Heat!!!!

If you have been putting off calling a contractor for an outside project this winter, STOP!  Now is the time to start gathering information on your outdoor projects.  The local contractors are in their slow months and are gearing up for the spring.  If you are planning a new outdoor living  area it is time to start planning.

Working in the Snow

We had the opportunity to conduct an outdoor lighting  install in the snow! Wow, it has been a while since we have had to do this but on Friday, 29th of January the middle Tennessee area was “blasted” with winter weather.  As they say in show biz “The show must go on” and so we did.  We had an install scheduled before the snow hit and we figured that the best way to gain our clients trust was to move forward with the installation.  Besides the wet ground and some ice we moved through the project so the client could enjoy their newly installed architectural lighting for their Super Bowl party!  

We were able to put a temporary lighting system up for our clients to view before and during the weekend of the storm.  They were able to take a look at the lighting before they committed on the project.  Once they made a final decision we returned and installed the outdoor lighting system that fit their needs.

During the winter months home improvement projects are slowed but it is extremely important to us to find ways to aid the client in the decision making process as much as possible.  Snow is defiantly a factor for slowing home projects down but we welcomed the process and the opportunity to install an outdoor lighting system for another satisfied client.


Michael Wynn - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Nashville Antique and Garden Show

Celebrating our 20th Year

It is that time of year for all your home shows and Nashville is no exception. The Nashville Antique and Garden Show   is next week February 11-13th. It is the 20th anniversary for the show and continues to bring great vendors to the area. There will be tons of Antique and Horticultural dealers exhibiting at the event. There will also be over 15 garden displays including one of Nashville’s finest in Paul lively, of Lively Landscape .

Paul Lively founded The Lively Landscape Company, LLC. in order to concentrate on residential projects. He is an award winning landscape designer with an extensive and varied background in residential gardens. Paul has an undeniable passion for designing custom landscape themes and concepts which continue to receive high praise.

This show should give you some great ideas for design both for the interior of your home and the exterior. Whether you have been searching for design ideas for a room within your home or an outdoor living space you should stop by the show! Please take a minute to stop by and say hello at the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives  booth if you get a chance. Hope to see you there.

Michael Wynn – COO of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Lighting up your house for the 4th of July!!!


Lighting 2

Hello everyone its time to begin the summer celebrations at your house now that 4th of July is just around the corner!  I would encourage you to spend some time on your outdoor lighting fixtures now that winter is behind us.    A yearly spring or summer tune up your old lighting is a great idea  just make sure you are getting the effect that you should out of your system.  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has a full time service crew that will be happy to aid you with any questions or concerns.  Also this would be a great time to add new fixtures if any of your lighting has been damaged.  Make sure that your system is up to par before the outdoor parties begin.