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Backyards can easily become your personal sanctuary with custom designed outdoor lighting.

Backyards can easily become your personal sanctuary with custom designed outdoor lighting

Spring has finally arrived and I can’t think of a better place to live and work than Nashville come springtime! As warmer weather arrives there is much to do and see. Sure, spring cleaning and sprucing up around the house and yard is probably on the top of your “to do” list, but enjoying the arrival of the outdoor living season with family and friends can still take center stage! With this in mind, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has put together a list of ideas to get you out of the house and enjoying everything our fine city, and the season, has to offer –

  • Ideas for getting out and about in Nashville this spring:

Nashville's music rowEnjoy a night, or day, out on the town – Music City celebrates the month of April with Awesome April, a musical tribute to the city which promises a major event each weekend. Some of the festivities include the East Nashville Beer Festival that takes place in East Park, and the Rites of Spring Music Festival held at Vanderbilt University.

backyard movie night in NashvilleTake in a movie — Nothing is more fun than a night at the movies. With a little ingenuity and a few bed sheets, you can transform a spot in your backyard into an outdoor movie theatre. Many places also rent out all the equipment needed to host an outdoor screening, these include screens, and projectors but you can also use a LCD or PLP projector. All you need to add to make the evening Oscar-worthy are comfy quilts as seating, and lots of yummy popcorn. You can add even more ambiance and make snack trips back into the home easier by using outdoor lighting too.
If the great outdoors isn’t your cup of tea as a way of enjoying a night at the movies, The Nashville Film Festival is taking place in Music City April 17-26.  This annual event offers eight days filled with film screenings, industry panels, music showcases, parties receptions, and workshops. The event is one of the longest-running film festivals in the country, and is celebrating its 45th year!

Take me out to the ball game“Take me out to the ballgame” – - Spring is one of the best times to enjoy the great all-American pastime. Getting out of the house and enjoying some hands-on action on the baseball field, or on the court, is a great way to relish in quality time with your family and Mother Nature. Whether you enjoy getting in the game, or prefer watching as a spectator, baseball, soccer and basketball are fun from any angle. From being a sideline cheerleader for your child’s Saturday morning little league game, to attending  the 2014 NCAA Women’s Final Four taking place in Music City on April 8th — game on!

DayliliesStop and smell the roses — With today’s busy lifestyle, sometimes the greatest enjoyment comes from just taking time to relax and spend time in your own backyard. One of the greatest gifts of all is springtime, it is a time of renewal and beauty and a season that has a  new story to tell with each passing day. Why not bask in the magic of your changing landscape as buds change from blooms into new leaves, or spend an afternoon planting flowers to enhance your already evolving spring landscape?  A hike through the woods, a local park or even planning a trip to Cheekwood’s Botanical Gardens is a great way to witness the sights and sounds of springtime in Nashville first-hand.

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

No matter what your pleasure, Nashville has everything to offer and more. You can make your home and landscape more enchanting and functional with the addition of outdoor lighting too. Our designs will make your home delightful to come home to, and even more delightful for the nights you choose to spend at home~

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn more today (615) 373 – 0638, email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

Visit our landscape and garden lighting photo galleries for more fresh outdoor lighting ideas!


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Rocky close up

Our own “Rocky” the lightning dog on the way to office.

Outdoor lighting provides an endless plethora of benefits to homeowners. These benefits encompass enhancing the beauty and curb appeal of the home and landscape while promoting a safer more secure home. Did you ever think about the ways outdoor lighting enhances the time our furry friends spend outdoors too? For most of us, our dog is considered a member of the family– not just man’s best friend, but everyone’s best friend — with that in mind, outdoor lighting can make those evening trips outdoors safer and more enjoyable for both you and your pet.


Outdoor lighting can help you divert disasters between evening visitors and your dog!

If you are a dog owner there is no escaping the inevitable need for evening walks. For some pet parents, taking a stroll after dark seems easy, but if you live in a secluded area with limited lighting or lots of traffic, this may be a source of trepidation. For homeowners who have a fenced  backyard, or designated area of their landscape to turn their dog out into instead of walking their dog, a dark backyard is still a source for concern for the safety of your pet. This can be even more of a concern in rural areas where wildlife frequents your property. The addition of outdoor lighting such as path, sidewalk and various landscape lighting can aid in making evening visits outdoors more enjoyable and safer for both you and your pet. Outdoor lighting will allow you to return from evening walks into a well-lit environment allowing for relaxed, safer entry back into the home. For pets that have specified areas within your landscape, outdoor lighting will make the time they spend outdoors in the evening safer because of the extended visibility it offers both you and your pet, also giving you peace of mind.

Nashville landscape lighting and path lighting

Path and landscape lighting aids in more secure travel when venturing outdoors in the evening with your pet.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville specializes in outdoor lighting designed to enhance the lifestyle of every member of the family, including our four-legged family. From landscape and architectural lighting to make accessing the backyard a relaxed experience for you and your pet, to path and sidewalk lighting allowing well-lit passage on the way to and from your evening walks. We take your comfort and safety seriously.

We have put together an assortment of great tips sure to put a little spring in your step and ensure that your evening strolls outside of your property with your dog are a ritual you both look forward to :

  • Bring a flashlight — Once you leave the security of your well-lit landscape to come home to make sure you have a dependable source of illumination for you and your pet while on the go. Portable flashlights are great, as are other sources of illumination, like headlights and lanterns. Remember you should always leave your house with a device that will help you observe the paths and roads ahead. Some of the newest pet-friendly sources of illumination include blinking LED lights,  light sticks or illuminated dog collars, all of which can be a great way to maintain visibility for both you and your dog!
  • Bring your cell phone – Before you throw on your jacket and fasten a leash to your dog’s collar, be sure you have your cell phone on hand. According to Dogster.com, this is also a great way to maintain a sense of time while you’re outside and  reach out to others in case an emergency occurs.
A safe, well lit house by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

A safe, well-lit house for you and your pet to return home to courtesy of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

  • Make you and your pet easy for others to see with reflective gear – Wear reflective gear to aid in making you and your dog more visible to people driving. This includes walking on a sidewalk in a gated community or while near a busy intersection, it’s important that others are able to see both you and your pet. There’s a variety of reflective gear that will make it easier for those passing by to spot you, including  reflective shirts, full body gear, illuminating collars and even leashes.
  • Dog running

    Make your evening landscape as enjoyable for your pet in the evening as it is during the day with outdoor lighting.

    Enjoy the moment – Leave distractions at home and enjoying this time to bond with your pet. While you may be tempted to plug-in your earbuds as you head out with your dog, this will inevitably distract you. Instead, try to be as observant as possible while you and your pooch enjoy the fresh air and time together outside.

Please contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today to learn more about all the ways the addition of outdoor lighting can enhance the lifestyle of the whole family and increase the enjoyment of the time you spend outdoors together! (615) 373 – 0638, email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Please visit our landscape outdoor lighting photo gallery and our architectural outdoor lighting photo gallery located on our website to get more ideas about how to make your evening landscape pet-friendly for your pooch!

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Image from our lighting featured at previous show.

Image from our lighting featured at previous show.

The 24th annual Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville is going on this weekend at the Nashville Music City Center and our talented design team will be there to answer all your questions and discuss your outdoor lighting needs. The Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville features antique and horticultural dealers, magnificent gardens, and world-renowned lecturers, all in one place! The 2014 Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville is the largest show in the country combining spectacular garden spaces, fine antiques, and horticultural items into one outstanding three-day show. Located in the new Music City Center in vibrant downtown Nashville, the show’s 150 exhibitors, renowned experts and fabulous gardens make it the ultimate destination for new and ardent antique collectors, avid gardeners, those seeking design inspiration, and anyone who enjoys a breath of spring in the midst of winter. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville will be located in booth #H127. Our lighting will also be featured within two of the beautiful gardens featured at the show! Show dates are February 7 – 9, 2014, show hours are as follows:

  • Friday             10 a. m. – 8 p.m. 
  • Saturday       10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Sunday           11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Antiques and Garden Show of NashvilleTickets are $20 and allow you attendance during the run of the show, (attend as many days as you like). Tickets for seniors 65 (or older), Active Military & Students are $12 at the door or in advance. Children 12 and under are free. The Show benefits Cheekwood and ECON Charities This show will inspire great ideas for design on both the interior and exterior of your home. Whether you have been searching for design ideas for a room within your home or an outdoor living space, you should stop by the show! Please take a minute to stop by our booth if you get a chance, just to say hello — We hope to see you there!

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

You can also contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville at (615) 373 – 0638 or via email@ olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

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Focal lighting on fountain in Belle Meade by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

This elegant fountain becomes a beacon of the evening landscape with the addition of outdoor lighting.

Every homeowner has that one feature or area in their landscape or on their home that makes their property truly unique. One of the best ways to feature that unique area of your landscape is by the adding outdoor lighting. By lighting focal points within your landscape, or even characteristics or details of your home’s design, you can enjoy the features that are the reason you love your home day and night!  Our lighting design uses soft washes of light to enhance your object or space. This technique ensures your eye is drawn to the object we are illuminating rather than the light source itself.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives tree lighting

A beloved tree within your landscape makes a perfect candidate to accentuate with light.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville uses various lighting techniques to highlight an area or object in your landscape. The secret to successful focal point lighting is dependent on combining the right lighting technique with the right lighting candidate. Many times our clients will point out an area or item they would like illuminated. Other times it’s up to us to suggest an ideal element based on our design experience. Some of the most popular items or areas homeowners choose for featured lighting are fountains, water features, statuary, exterior walls and specific trees in their landscape. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has even illuminated islands within backyard pool designs as well as illuminating the underside of patio seating walls to bring attention to the area.

As part of one of our more recent outdoor lighting installations, we illuminated a home in Belle Meade which included lighting the homeowner’s elegant fountain. The fountain sits within the homes rear courtyard patio and is reminiscent of a New Orleans inspired courtyard. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville used outdoor lighting to highlight the fountain so it can be viewed and enjoyed by the homeowners from inside the home through the windows, and from the exterior of the home. This installation serves as the perfect example of the importance of pairing the right type of lighting with the perfect lighting candidate. After careful consideration, we opted to highlight the fountain with moonlighting. Moonlighting is an outdoor lighting technique that directs the light source from above the area or object you are lighting. For this specific installation we hired a certified tree climber to mount the fixture within a tree that surrounds the courtyard. The fixture was mounted and aimed towards the fountain to create a magical illumination in the evening.

Another look at our recent installation of Nashville focal point lighting in Belle Meade.

Another look at our recent installation in Belle Meade.

Moonlighting is just one of the many lighting techniques we use here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. Our outdoor lighting highlights the architectural elements of your home, and accentuates the features of your landscape.  We can design a dramatic lighting display lighting your featured area; a fountain, a statue, the branches of your weeping cherry or Japanese maple, or focus a light onto the gentle splashes of your waterfall and get more enjoyment out of the unique features of your landscape by being able to linger in their beauty even after dusk.

Garden and landscape lighting includes statuary lighting

Focal point lighting works beautifully when lighting statuary or other areas of your landscape that are a focal point.

If you are ready to learn more about what making the most out of your outdoor lighting design is all about, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today. We can turn your home and landscape into a true work of art after the sun goes down!
(615) 373 – 0638
email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

You can visit our architectural outdoor lighting photo gallery, our pool and spa lighting photo gallery and our garden and landscape lighting photo gallery located on our website to see more examples of beautiful focal point outdoor lighting.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives backyard haven with outdoor lighting

Spring is the perfect time to schedule your outdoor lighting maintenance.

Since the official arrival of warmer temperatures and longer days residents all over the Nashville area are busy sprucing up their landscapes. In anticipation of spending more of their free time outdoors, homeowners are also performing maintenance on their outdoor living areas. This maintenance can mean washing, sealing or painting your deck, refurbishing any mulched or pine needled borders or beds, and even adding splashes of color throughout your landscape by installing annuals. Spring is the perfect time to renew and refresh your outdoor spaces to maximize beauty and function. Now is also the perfect time to schedule the annual maintenance of your outdoor lighting system to ensure they are in proper working order to enjoy throughout the outdoor living season.

Nashville Deck and patio lighting

A well-lit deck or patio will enable you to use your outdoor space long after the sun sets.

No other outdoor lighting Annual Maintenance Plan is more thorough than ours. Once a year we will replace all bulbs, repair any damaged wire, inspect the transformer and check and reset the timer. We also straighten any fixtures that may have succumb to wind, inclement weather or other exterior changes such as bumping which may have left them unleveled. Trimming and adjusting for plant overgrowth is another important facet of our maintenance, which is crucial as we move forward into the growing season.  Our outdoor lighting professional will also perform simple changes to enhance the effects of your lighting. Your lighting system  will remain headache-free and operating beautifully. Nothing is overlooked when we are performing your scheduled maintenance.

You can enjoy your first year of annual maintenance free with your full-service outdoor lighting system installation. After the initial year, you may sign up for continued Annual Maintenance Plan services if you desire. This is a huge benefit for those homeowners who are looking for ways to enhance their landscape this season and are considering the addition of outdoor lighting.

fallen light

Our scheduled maintenance visit will ensure things like fallen lights are taken care of for safety’s sake. We even service systems installed by other companies.

If your outdoor lighting system was installed by another company, you can still take advantage of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’  of Nashville maintenance and/or repair services. Many companies will not perform maintenance on outdoor lighting which was installed by one of our competitors; we are different in that we provide the same quality service even if Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville did not install the outdoor lighting. The safety, function and beauty of your lighting is our first priority.

Give us a call today to schedule this important maintenance. Our professionalism and attention to detail will mean outdoor lighting maintenance is one less chore you will have to worry about this season. One less chore on your spring “to do” list also means more time to enjoy the warm Nashville days and beautifully illuminated Nashville nights!

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today to learn more about our outstanding maintenance programs and how an outdoor lighting design can enhance your home, landscape and lifestyle.
<(615) 373 – 0638
email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

John Groce - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

John Groce – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Please visit our landscape and garden outdoor lighting photo gallery and our deck and patio outdoor lighting photo gallery located on our website to get more ideas about enhancing your outdoor living spaces with lighting this season!

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Tree lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

The ethereal illumination of proper moon lighting is achieved by using multi-layering throughout the trees canopy

One of the hottest trends in outdoor living design is outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting procures a safe and secure environment around your home but in addition also provides loads of aesthetic value. A recent post by HGTV Remodels indicates the market demand for outdoor lighting is on the rise. They also point out four outdoor lighting techniques that can deliver the effect most homeowners are looking for. These are up lighting, down lighting, zonal lighting and moonlighting. Now, to someone who is not familiar with outdoor lighting terminology, these types of outdoor lighting can sound like a foreign language. In order to get the most out of your outdoor lighting it is important to become familiar with these lighting techniques so you and your professional lighting specialist will be on the same page.

Nashville uplighting

We used up lighting on this home to accentuate the width and depth of the home and bring out special features such as the columns.

Up lighting – this lighting technique is used in both architectural and landscape lighting applications. We use up lighting to accentuate the height, width and depth of your home. This lighting technique is also used within the landscape to add drama and focus to trees, and other areas of interest in the landscape.

Down lighting – down lighting plays upon the same principles as up lighting. Down lighting can be used as an innovative way to enhance your home’s architectural features. Down lighting is also the most widely used technique to illuminate walkways and pathways. Down lighting can promote safety along the most frequented areas around your home and within your yard.

Focal point lighting – focal lighting such as focal tree lighting, waterfall lighting and statuary lighting is the best way to highlight an area or object of beauty in your landscape. Our exclusive focal point lighting uses soft washes of light to enhance your object or space. This technique ensures your eye is drawn to the object we are illuminating rather than the light source itself.

Moonlighting – this appropriately named lighting technique mimics the effects of the light present during a full moon. A combination of up lighting and down lighting is used to create this hauntingly beautiful technique. We often design moonlighting within trees in the landscape to not only illuminate the tree in a unique way, but also the area that surrounds the tree.  Dramatic shadowing and ambient light combine to create moonlighting that is a work of art.

Garden and landscape lighting includes statuary lighting

Focal point lighting works beautifully when lighting statuary or other areas of interest in your landscape.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is the area’s oldest and best known professional outdoor lighting company. Our outdoor lighting designs include the most popular outdoor lighting techniques. Each of our designs is customized to deliver the most function and beauty. Our exclusive fixtures are manufactured just for Outdoor Lighting Perspective locations. All of our fixtures are constructed from the highest quality materials like copper and solid brass that enable them to blend into your landscape. The goal of any professional outdoor lighting design is to see the area or object of illumination rather than the fixture. Our designs master this beautifully, and our fixtures are built to last season after season.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn more about applying these and many more lighting technique to your home and landscape. With over 20 years’ experience we can help you light up the night to enhance your time outdoors. Call us to schedule a night-time demonstration and to see your property like you never imagined possible.
(615) 373 – 0638
Email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

John Groce - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

John Groce – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

You can see examples of these and other outdoor lighting techniques by visiting our landscape and garden photo gallery and our architectural lighting photo gallery located on our website.

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Nashville hackberry tree lighting

We lit the driveway with moonlights in the trees along the right side of this driveway for drama in the evening.

Trees are one of the most important parts of a beautiful landscape. They offer shade, screening, create a focal point of interest and serve as a backdrop of inspiration to other landscaping and outdoor structures. One way to create a landscape that sizzles with beauty and visual interest is to entail the use of tree lighting into your outdoor lighting design. In the Nashville area trees are among many of our scenic treasures and we have become experts at helping homeowners decide the perfect specimen tree in their landscape as a candidate for lighting.

Our tree lighting formula can accentuate the height, width and  canopy of the tree. What elements we include into lighting your individual conifer all depend on the tree itself. The shape, size and spread of the trees branches can come to life at night easily with the use of one or more of our tree lighting elements. In our experience the trees that benefit the most from tree lighting and make the most impact, or “bang for your buck”, if you will, are trees with spreading canopies. Trees that offer full spread or “vase” canopies, which means the branches spread upright,  also some weeping species make the best trees to light in your landscape. With spreading canopies, there is more room to play the light up and down through the limbs of the canopy itself. Bushier, thick limbed,  columnar trees offer little room for enhancement through tree lighting.

Nashville tree lighting

We lit the entry to this driveway from the ginkgo tree, which is a focal point of this landscape.

Moonlighting is also a viable option in tree lighting that uses the upper branches of the tree to cast light into the lower branches to light a path, or other point of interest in correlation with the tree itself. The term “moonlighting” itself lends to thoughts of mystery and romance, and that is exactly the type of light moonlighting emits. A type of unforgettable light that uses depth to cast a glow full of ambiance and haunting beauty.

If you are wondering which trees you may have in your yard that would make perfect candidates for tree lighting, we have compiled a summary of some of the trees that we often see here in the Nashville area that look beautiful with the addition of outdoor tree lighting.  Many varieties of Maples,  Oaks , Ginkgo trees and ornamental cherry trees definitely fit the bill. Other good species include  the Hackberry, Elms and Birch trees. If you are fortunate enough to have one of the weeping varieties of trees like weeping Birches, weeping Maples and  weeping Cherry trees  their unique form and branching can become a focus of drama  in your landscape with tree lighting.

Tree lighting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Specimens with spreading, or complimentary, canopies make the best candidate for tree lighting in your landscape.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can design an outdoor lighting plan that takes your home and landscape to another level, including the use of tree lighting within your landscape. To learn more, or to set up a night-time demonstration contact us at (615) 373 – 0638 or email us at  olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Visit our landscape and garden lighting galleries located on our website for more example of tree lighting at it’s best.

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Nashville deck lighting

This deck is all ready for use this spring, with outdoor lighting and freshly planted trees abound with blooms, welcome.

Spring is a time for renewal. The winter world around us comes to life, from the green of the forest to the newborn wildlife that open their eyes to a new world. Spring is also a time when homeowners spring to life after a long winter of staying indoors. Many homeowners set their sights on creating an outdoor oasis to enjoy time outdoors for the upcoming season. This interest can include adding outdoor living spaces such as decks, patios or even a garden trellis to take in the beauty of a newly planted landscape up close. Many homeowners plan to add a pool or spa to their home and landscape this time of year, so the structure will be “swim ready” just in time for warm weather. Whatever your inspiration or intention is for the upcoming spring, outdoor lighting will enhance your chosen endeavor. Outdoor lighting will enable you to swim longer, play longer and relax longer by giving you the opportunity to utilize your outdoor area well into the night. The time to plan your outdoor lighting comes at the same time you plan your outdoor improvement- from the very beginning.


A well-lit deck makes it all come together beautifully.

Having your outdoor lighting professional present from the planning stages along with your contractor can make a huge difference in the fluidity of your entire design. We specialize in working hand-in-hand with landscapers, and builders to make sure your completed outdoor living enhancement is a true masterpiece. The benefit from early communication within the planning means that we can run the lines for your outdoor lighting while the ground is already disturbed from the building process. In essence this makes the task more exact and also ensures no disturbances or damage is caused by waiting to call on your outdoor lighting representative after your structure is completed. This also means less wait time. When you are ready to dive into your new pool, or enjoy a cookout on your new deck, it will be “lights, camera, action” because your outdoor lighting is ready when you are.

A well lit pool and surround means safety and beauty

A well-lit pool and surround means safety and beauty

Having the added convenience of a properly lit outdoor structure will add security, expanded enjoyment and beauty to the structure as a whole. The ambiance of outdoor lighting playing off the water adds to the imagery to make it more desirable. Fantasy often mimics reality and pool lighting is just one aspect of where the ambiance of outdoor lighting can enhance your entire experience of how your outdoor structure functions.

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Don’t get left in the dark, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to make sure your outdoor living structure is lighted properly for its spring debut.

Call us at (615) 373 – 0638 or email us at olpnashville@outdoorlights.com to learn more.

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The House

A safe house is a well-lit house. LCA makes this possible from driveway to den.

Do you cringe when entering your driveway and garage area late at night because you know you will have to fumble to find that back door key in the minimal moonlight? Do you worry that your home will become a target for thieves while you and your family are away on summer vacation? If these scenarios sound familiar to you then Outdoor Lighting  of Nashville can help. Our lighting control automation, or LCA, technology can make you life easier and offer you the conveniences that you never dreamed possible.

One of the features that is available with our LCA technology is what we refer to as ” the driveway sensor”. This feature puts an end to coming home to a dark house and can’t find the keys situation you may be finding yourself in. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville programs the lights to automatically come on when you enter your driveway at night. Not only are you ensured safe passage right to your door, but we can program the feature to automatically turn on any multitude of chosen exterior and interior lights as well. This will safely take you from the top of the driveway to the safety of your home interior after a hard day with no worry or struggle, just peace of mind.

Another wonderful feature we offer is what we call “someone’s home”. This feature can be programmed with both your interior and exterior lights to give the appearance that someone is home, by simultaneously cutting on both indoor and outdoor lighting to mimic the pattern in correspondence with someone walking around their home at night. These lights are programmed so if the home is being watched, no one is the wiser, and your home is safe while you and your family is away having fun.

A great feature we offer using LCA technology is called the “safe entry” feature. This feature works much like the driveway sensor feature, the difference is the technology is programmed into a key fab you can place on your key chain to turn on both interior and exterior lighting at the simple touch of a button.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville proudly offers these LCA features  and many more to our valued outdoor lighting customers to make their lives hassle free, and their home safer. Remember: a well-lit home is a safer home indeed.

Matt Oaks signature

Matt Oakes of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

To learn more about lighting control animation technology and our expertly designed and installed outdoor lighting, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today. Don’t leave yourself in the dark any longer. (615) 373 – 0638 email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

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Stunning outdoor lighting makes a grand entrance even grander at this Nashville estate

In Nashville, there are many beautiful custom-built, custom designed homes that some would describe as estates or mansions. Among homes of this prestige, outdoor lighting must be as prestigious in its design and execution to enhance the multitude of precise design details that go along with a home and landscape this timeless. Mansion lighting, or estate lighting takes an experienced lighting professional that can turn a residence that is already breathtaking during the day into a property that is even more breathtaking at night.


Professional outdoor lighting can add an air of refinement and prestige to any home

Illuminating a mansion or estate can be a daunting task when you take into consideration the  size and elaborate architectural details of a residence of this size. From larger lots with more landscape details, larger entrances, longer driveways, and more windows, the list of focal points to illuminate can become quite long. We start all our lighting designs with assessing the home’s height, width, texture and depth to illuminate and enhance the home’s facade and architectural details. We then move into designing the landscape lighting and using proper placement and selection of fixtures to make gardens and landscaping come to life under the blanket of the night sky. Most of the time, homes of this prestige and quality contain pools, and custom outdoor structures which we pay special attention to enhance  through illumination along with the home and landscape. An outdoor oasis combined with a pool, spa or hot tub becomes an “at home spa” under the trance of pool and water feature lighting.

Nashville mansion pool lghting

Pool lighting paired with mansion and estate lighting this beautiful makes you want to dive right in

When we get the opportunity to add illumination to an already stunning property the effect and ambiance outdoor lighting creates mingled together with an illustrious upscale home  is a match made in heaven. We combine all the facets of quality outdoor lighting in order to present homeowners of mansions and estates a  truly unique and custom lighting design. We can incorporate all the parts of your home that are worthy of making heads turn. Along with making your home more beautiful, outdoor lighting also gives you added security and peace of mind. According to many law enforcement agencies research shows that a well-lit home is less likely to be broken into. Well lit homes deter would-be robbers and give you peace of mind that your home is safe under the veil of night.

Along with designing and installing outdoor lighting that can be enjoyed every day, we also specialize in lighting some of the Nashville areas most prominent homes for the holidays. Our holiday outdoor lighting can add warmth, and classic refined style to your estate or mansion. If you pass by an upscale lighting design this season that gives you goose bumps from the sheer sight of it, then chances are Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville designed and installed it.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn more about how the addition of outdoor lighting can make your home or estate magical. (615) 373 – 0638 or email us at

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

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