Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is taking smart home technology to new levels with lighting control automation.


The ultimate in smart home technology is lighting control.

Quite frequently I hear homeowners say ” I want a green home” or “I want a smart home”, and then they ask the big question, can I afford it? The answer in most cases is yes, because what it actually means to have a “green” or “smart” home, and what is involved is often misconstrued, and unfortunately misunderstood. The idea in itself of having a “smart home” is hot right now. The term is used loosely throughout the world of custom building, interior design, and Outdoor Lighting design. Having a smart home to many homeowners is just a fad, one that is similar in definition as going “green” or eating “organic”. Making your home smarter and greener is not a fad. People have been using lighting automation for a long time and will continue as it helps their families and their power bills.

In my field of expertise, which is outdoor lighting, the cost benefits in the long run outweigh the tradeoffs. Most green and smart homes have automated lighting. The biggest benefit of having automated lighting is the energy savings. In the case of the smart home, or green home idea, having automated lighting is more about having the lights off when you don’t need to be using them and less about having them on. For example, how many times have you come home from work  and the kids rooms lights are all on, as well as the hall, kitchen and bathroom lights, plus the TV is on…but all the kids are on the back porch? This scene is all too common in many American households, the simple abuse of energy wasted. If we could only learn how to get back what we have already lost. Since that is not a possibility, many of us are mending our ways and installing automation to help the environment and our wallet.

Lighting Control Automation Timer Nashville lighting control

LCA lighting timer.

We can never forget the safety aspect of having an automation system for your lighting control. A house that is lit is a deterrent for crime. This doesn’t mean that you must have your lights on full power all night long. It does mean that you can program your lights to come on in infrequent patterns when your away to give the impression that someone is always at home. You can even program your lights to come on at 50% power through using automation. This casts a dimmer light and uses less power but is still an adequate amount for safety and visibility at night.

Nearly 70% of what homeowners want from an automated system is lighting control. Automation isn’t necessarily “automatic”. With automation you can also manually control and  customize the technology where when you can turn on a group of things, instead of just one fixture. When you hit a switch you can design a scene to happen.You can also program the lights to come on automatically in sets to invite you into the home when you arrive in the evening.  That is  smart home technology that is simplified with the goal of controlling lighting.

Control your lighting with your smart phone

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville specializes in the latest smart home technology through lighting automation. There is no reason to buy an expensive home-automation package when all you really want to do is control the lighting. Out automation is more easy on you wallet than you might think. We also offer what we refer to as our “cafeteria” plan, where you can have your lighting controls installed a-la-carte, or in phases, with room for expansion in the future. We can even give you the capability to use your smart phone to control your smart home from remote locations as well.

Matt Oaks signature

Matt Oakes of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

To learn more about smart home technology through the use of lighting control automation, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today. Call (615) 373 – 0638 or email us at olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

You can also see just how lighting control automation works by watching these informative videos composed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

This Elegant Home in Belle Meade, TN Will See Things in A Whole New Light

Exquisitely appointed pool lighting

Exquisitely appointed pool lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville recently re-visited the always beautiful neighborhood of Belle Meade to install outdoor lighting and lighting control. These homeowners had quite a large distance between their residence and their pool and pool house. Simply put they were tired of walking to the pool in the dark to turn the lights on. Not only was this a safety issue it was also an inconvenience that we were able to easily remedy by applying lighting control.

Another well lit pool house/cabana and pool area

Another example of a well-lit pool house/cabana and pool area

All the existing lighting had been controlled from within the pool house itself and required maneuvering through the night to finally reach the switch to illuminate the area. This is very similar in relation to an individual having a detached garage or guest house with the same issues. Our goal was to ensure these homeowners would be able to control their lights at the pool, the pool house and the path that led to both from their residence in order to pre-light these areas so they could go and to and from the pool safely and with ease.

A well lit pool and surround means safety and beauty

A well-lit pool and surround means safety and beauty

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville gave the homeowners the ability to control each area separately, or turn the areas as a whole on or off together. They can turn on the lights at the pool, the tree lighting around the pool, the down lighting around the pool and the pathway which leads to the pool. We also tied in the lighting in their lovely rose garden. The plan for the near future is to tie all of these lights into the automation, including  the lights around the main residence as well for worry free convenience and safety.

Matt Oaks signature

Matt Oakes of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

If you are tired of walking around in the dark, or are ready to light up the night for entertaining or just safety give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville a call today. We can set up a night-time demonstration that will make you see your landscape in a whole new light. (615) 373 – 0638 or email us at olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

Moonlight and Westhaven Make the Perfect Pair Thanks to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Outdoor Lighting Nashville-Westhaven

Outdoor Lighting accentuates the beauty and architecture of this home

If two words could sum up the lighting application  on this home in Westhaven they would have to be entrancing and ethereal. This home is situated on a corner lot and is close to the neighborhood clubhouse. Several angles to illuminate and a complicated roofline made this home a design challenge. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville took the challenge in stride and the end project of this home at night is truly breathtaking.

Side view of home in Westhaven

Side view which shows how lighting accentuates the height and depth of this home

We accentuated the width and the height of the home by using well lights placed strategically so they cast a side glow and  singled out certain architectural features of the home. Well lights are one of the best lights to use when focusing on architecture. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville uses these type of lights in many of its designs, and precision placement ensures the homeowner is not met by the light intruding in through a window. We also strive to focus on the effect that a light produces, rather than the light itself. This is why discreet placement of fixtures is key.

Westhaven home during the day

This daytime photo shows the complicated roofline The roof line of this home in Westhaven presented some interesting challenges for us. From the curb side looking at the house we did up lighting and from the house side we did downlighting. We also placed lights on the upper gable of the home as well on the second story to illuminate the columns on the second floor. Roof line lighting is challenging in itself, but Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville went a step furtherNotice the down lights on this tree to provide moonlighting, or shadow lighting

By attaching lights to the trees on the side of this home. We used up lighting as well as down lighting to illuminate not only the trees but the homes facade as well. Lighting in the trees also served to cast moon lighting, also known as shadow lighting onto the walkway below. This application adds safety, beauty, depth and dimension to this area.


These copper stake lights age to a beautiful rustic patino over time

Not a single stone was left unturned when it came to beautifully illuminating this home. We even added soffit lights in the covered patio. These soffit lights are tied into the LCA (lighting control automation) of the homes lighting system to add worry free, no hassle operation to the list of positives this home has.

The whole effect the lighting gives is one which you don’t want to turn away from. Even during the day the lighting still entrances you, notice the beautiful aged patina of the copper path lights.

Evening shot at Westhaven

This photo shows the importance of accentuating a homes architectural breaks

If you are ready to see what the evening holds in store for your home by adding outdoor lighting, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville a call. We can set up a night-time demonstration to show you what moonlighting can do for your landscape. 615- 373-0638, or you can email us @ http://nashville.outdoorlights.com/

Do It Yourself Usually Means Going it Alone But Not When It Comes to DIY Lighting

Professionally installed outdoor lighting

I wanted to convey to you the consumer, the pitfalls of the do-it-yourself outdoor lighting kits that are out there. More often than not, we go to a job and quote only to be called back by the customer who tried to do it themselves. This is an example of one such tragedy…

The problem was the homeowner called us to complain that the post lights he had installed had too much glare. What we came up with to be the source of the problem was that if they turn OFF then there was no more power on the driveway gate entry with the lighting there as well. Everything was on one circuit, and the homeowner had opted not to use dimming.

What this translated to was control of an existing line voltage fixture. The light would be on from dusk until daylight. If Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville would’ve installed this we would’ve installed hardware and receiver devices at each post light. We would also install a switch inside the house to control either, or both lights. We don’t want to cut power to the gate, just to be able to control the lights. In essence the homeowner did not have a separate circuit out there.

A professionally lit home by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

For this particular scenario we would set up a timer, transmitter and two receiver devices. All of which are professionally installed, professionally maintained, expandable, and supported.  The Do-it-yourself market makes these kind of jobs sound easy, but they just simply are not, especially when electricity is a key factor. If you don’t have the expertise behind the installation you won’t be able to work around the problem that can, and usually does arise. You simply won’t know the full functions within the technology to be able to work around the problem.We can figure out the solution and then spec., purchase and install. We can handle any problems that arise like wiring problems and other issues because lighting is all we do.

This homeowner went online and bought a do-it-yourself product for about $400, then he did not know HOW to install it. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville would’ve been able to do the same installation for $600-$700, worry free. The do-it-yourselfer has no ongoing or online support, and usually the product only has a 1 year warranty assigned to it.

The advantage of fully understanding the technology of outdoor lighting and having more than one way to solve an issue safely when one arises is immeasurable. If you are considering doing your lighting yourself, why not call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville a call. We can set up a night-time demonstration and show you the difference letting a professional take care of your lighting can make.

Lighting Control Automation Makes Thermal Management Easy

Lighting Control Automation Timer Nashville lighting control

LCA lighting timer.

Thermal management is the new “green” trend in design. Thermal management means more energy efficiency on your heating and cooling costs and better sun protection for your valuable furniture, carpets and hardwoods. This is achieved by being able to monitor your home’s temperature and make changes to either heat up or cool down your home by way of different devices used throughout the home, one of which is your window blinds and shades. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is proud to be able to offer our clients a way to easily tie in motorized blinds and shades to their lighting control automation for hands free operation . This is another step into the technology of lighting control automation that makes your house smarter and much more energy-efficient.

Thermal management makes your house comfortable in all seasons

With motorized blind control your blinds will know when to be adjusted and to what degree for optimal efficiency and comfort throughout the home. When the home needs to cool down the motorized blinds will automatically detect and adjust accordingly, the same with the opposite scenario of needing to be warmed up. These motorized blinds can be operated manually by using a handheld controller. Like all other handheld controllers, they are easily misplaced and never seem to there when you need them. When we tie the automation into the system with the lighting, it becomes worry free.

This innovative new application to hands free, worry free control of your blinds is being widely used by interior designers throughout the country. We have studied this technology and worked directly with many interior designers to be “fluent” in the use of thermal management. We feel this technology is going to revolutionize the industry.

Give us a call and we can discuss making your home greener and more energy-efficient, as well as hassle free. We can take the headache out of your outdoor lighting and get you on the fast track to thermal management in your home.

Your Smartphone Just got Smarter with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

The advances of modern technology never cease to amaze me on a daily basis. The world has become not only more intelligent due to the increasing technology, it has become safer in many ways. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has just found a way to make your home safer when you’re away, and also let’s you rest easy when you’re not in.

The technology is the addition of an application you can use on your smart phone to control your indoor and outdoor lighting from a remote location.

A safe, well lit house by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Let’s say your four-year old is home at night with the babysitter while you and your wife are on your way home from dinner and a movie. Up ahead you notice the terrible traffic. You will definitely be later than expected. You are faced with the dilemma that your outdoor lights are scheduled to turn off at midnight, and it is quarter till 12 and your still stuck behind a wreck on the interstate. You worry that your child and babysitter will be “left in the dark“, so to speak, because all the outdoor lights are due to turn off and your sitter does not know how to turn them on. Have no fear, you’re dilemma is solved. Just pull up your outdoor lighting app on your smartphone and schedule your outdoor lights and your “somebody’s home” indoor lights to stay on a little longer too. This convenient app. Will help you breathe easier when life throws you a curve ball.

Control your lighting with your smartphone

This technology is available for download on your smart phone, your laptop and your tablet. It has remote control associated interface with the mobile application. You will have to log in using a username and password. This feature gives you the confidence that someone just can’t control your lights at your house if they have your phone. There are at least five actions that you can do immediately from your phone, including turning on lights in a specific room. You can also use the app. to turn lights off for energy savings.

This application will give you peace of mind because no matter where you are you’re always in control. Our staff here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville would love to show you this new technology. Give us a call and we can help make you the king or queen of your castle, even if you are out of the kingdom.

Controlling indoor lighting with Lighting Control Automation

Outdoor stair lighting Nashville

Lighting along these steps is not only beautiful but offers a safety factor.

Mary Lynn Crozier has a ritual every time she comes home at night.  When she enters the front door, she immediately turns on the foyer lamp.  Then she goes into her living room and turns on the two sofa lamps.  From there, she heads to the kitchen and switches on the recessed light over the sink.  She finally heads to the study and clicks on the overhead ceiling fan and light.  All of this before she is able to take her coat off.

Lighting Control Automation Timer Nashville lighting control

LCA lighting timer.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of these lights could be controlled from one, conveniently located switch when you enter your home? Aside from the considerable ease of having a single control center, the energy that is saved in the form of electricity and light bulb life can be significant. 

So what can Outdoor Lighting Perspectives do for Mrs. Crozier?  Many people think that our expertise is only in outdoor applications. It’s true that we do have the experience to give you the quality design, stylish and well-made light fixtures and outstanding service for all your outdoor lighting needs.  But one thing you may not realize it that our lighting is run by a smart system – one that has the ability to control all the lights on your home and property.

Using the dedicated wiring already in your home, an attractive, inconspicuous module and timer can be installed into your wall that can control any or all of your lighting.  It’s an efficient way to save time and energy and can give any homeowner that feeling of security the minute you set foot in your front door. 

Let us come to your home for a free consultation and quote.  We’ll help you put your lighting smart system to work for you in both your home and yard. 

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives NashvilleContact us at (615) 373 – 0638
email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com
or to check out our website, click here.

“Never you mind” your outdoor lighting

Lighting Control Automation Timer Nashville lighting control

Lighting Control Automation Timer Nashville lighting control

Down south we have a lot of great ways of saying things so that people know exactly what we mean. One of my personal favorites is “never you mind” meaning I’ll take care of it. One of the things I love most about one of our products is when I tell my customers “never you mind”, I don’t even need to do the work. The product is designed to do all the work.

Lighting Control Automation, otherwise known as LCA is the process of putting your outdoor lights on an easy and worry free timing system. The lights cut on and off at specified times so you don’t need to think about your outdoor lights at all.

LCA is a complicated technology that is engineered to be very simple for you. It is set up to be used with your existing 110V electrical wiring. The components include a timer and a module that plugs into the transformer.Really, you don’t even need to know about the module or the transformer. We take care of all of that.

But, the small timer plugs into an outlet in your house. The timer sends a signal to the module, which tells the module what to do. Once this is programmed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installers there is nothing you have to do. This program is used to turn the lights on at sunset and off at sunrise. The timer knows longitude and latitude so it automatically knows what time the sun is rising and setting. The timer adjusts for both bi-annual time changes and incredibly adjusts for leap year whenever it rolls around. Depending on your preference the LCA can even be programmed to have the lights come on at dusk at 50% and have them switch to 100% after sunset. This not only creates a stunning effect, it also utilizes less power.

Outdoor stair lighting NashvilleThe LCA timer is set to do everything for you. It is a no worry, no hassle “never you mind” system. Even though LCA is designed to spoil you, you can still manually turn the lighting on and off from the convenience of inside your home. For example, if your are not using the lights one evening for energy efficiency and you hear the neighbors dogs causing a ruckus, you can cut all the outdoor lights on with a simple press of a button and let whoever is causing the ruckus know you’re at home and not to bother your house.

LCA really is a wonderful program all the way around. You have the convenience of not thinking about it and it always performing and being there, and the convenience of taking control easily, right at your fingertips. So sit back and relax, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Controlling your Lights

Our outdoor lighting systems are all controlled by our cutting edge technology, we call LCA or Lighting Control Automation.  This timing/control  system can be as simple as a “set it” and “forget it” timer or as complex as multpoint control, motion/car sensor, or wireless remote control for any lighting load in your house.  When controlling the landscape lighting, our easy program timer uses Latitude and Longitude to change the operation times throughout the year to adapt to the shorter days of winter and longer days of summer.  When controlling interior lighting, the timer also uses “triggers” to control lighting based on various events such as motions sensors or time delays.  In others words you can have your timer turn off your closet or basement lights in case you forget.   LCA is so robust in its features you can even turn your lights on/off from the other side of the world through any internet connection.  We invite you to take a  tour and view our application videos below to learn more about our LCA control systems.  You can also find the sample videos at www.outdoorlights.com/nashville.  Please call with any questions.