Controlling your Lights

Our outdoor lighting systems are all controlled by our cutting edge technology, we call LCA or Lighting Control Automation.  This timing/control  system can be as simple as a “set it” and “forget it” timer or as complex as multpoint control, motion/car sensor, or wireless remote control for any lighting load in your house.  When controlling the landscape lighting, our easy program timer uses Latitude and Longitude to change the operation times throughout the year to adapt to the shorter days of winter and longer days of summer.  When controlling interior lighting, the timer also uses “triggers” to control lighting based on various events such as motions sensors or time delays.  In others words you can have your timer turn off your closet or basement lights in case you forget.   LCA is so robust in its features you can even turn your lights on/off from the other side of the world through any internet connection.  We invite you to take a  tour and view our application videos below to learn more about our LCA control systems.  You can also find the sample videos at  Please call with any questions.

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