The Fundamentals of Outdoor Lighting

To most people, design is subject to opinion.  But when choosing a designer and company there are certain attributes you should listen for.  One should quickly be able to tell the difference between a novice and specialist. 

In a past blog I touched on a company that spreads itself to thin, someone who provides a large quantity of services rather than a specialized skill.  If you’re still finding it difficult to discern the two, pay attention.  There are many fundamentals of outdoor lighting, but today I will touch on the big three.  They are balance, height, and depth.

When it comes to balance we are looking for features that spread the home providing a design that is easy on the eyes.  Find a natural starting and stopping point.  Call these your anchors.  Once the anchors have been recognized, the objective is to establish rhythm throughout with key fixture placement. 

Another important consideration is height.  Fundamentally, a home should stand tall.  Where recessed lighting provides a squatting effect, uplighting stretches the home giving it stature.  Don’t forget about the home’s architectural strengths either.  Illuminating dormers, peaks, and chimneys will bring a designs fullest potential.

Finally, I will touch on depth.  Depth is accomplished with path lighting and landscape lighting.  Highlighting certain species of trees, plants, annuals will give your property the added pizzazz it needs.  Depth is going to bring the design to life incorporating color, growth structure, and a sense of visual intensity.

John Groce – Senior Designer of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

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