Solar outdoor lighting – not so green

I had the opportunity to visit a Williamson County residence the other day to discuss the home owner’s current outdoor lighting situation. The home owner was not pleased with their current lighting and wanted me give them a professional option. The homeowner had attempted to install / design the landscape lighting himself, a couple of times (I might add) and was ready to turn the project over to OLP. 

He had a combination of many different types of fixture, including his second set of solar lights from Home Depot. I asked him why he went with the solar lights; his reply was “To be green.” During our consultation we discussed multiple options for lighting and finally landed on low voltage copper path lighting.

During our conversation we discovered that the Solar lighting option was “not so green.” Our discovery:

1.  Both sets of solar lights ended up in the trash – probably in a land field somewhere. (This will probably be there long after us)
2.  He had purchased about 20 of these lights which didn’t even carry a 1 year warranty – how many factory hours does it take to build products that fail that quickly??
3.  The copper path lighting  he decided on is constructed from solid copper – which is a highly recycled element (and very sought after – recycle plants pay high dollar for copper)
4.  This was the last lighting system he would have to install – it carried a 10 year warranty on the fixtures.
5.  Conserving energy is a major part of “Going Green” – purchasing materials that will last and are manufactured with highly recyclable elements is just as important.

Going green with solar lighting can seem great on the outside but deep down you may be doing more harm than you think!

1 thought on “Solar outdoor lighting – not so green

  1. Yeah, those solar lights really don’t last that long and so people are really only filling landfills with them in the end. Not the greenest solution if you ask me.

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