Outdoor lighting for a guest cottage or another building on your grounds

You may have an exterior building on your grounds that has great architectural flair or that it visited often at night. It could be a guest house, a pool house, a shed of some sort or another building.

Guest house outdoor lighting

Guest house outdoor lighting

In this picture, the building on the right is a guest house. The building on the left is utility house. They are both beautiful structures. While the homeowner might not have added outdoor lighting for the utility house, he wanted lighting for the path to the guest house.

Guest house outdoor path lighting

Guest house outdoor path lighting

One of the best fixtures to use for lighting a path is what we call a path light. You want the light to cast a gentle glow downward on the path and adjoining landscaping. You don’t want any overly bright light to obscure night-time vision and lose the romantic effect that you have with such beautiful structures on a property.

Copper path light fixture picture

Copper path light fixture

As you can see here, the copper path light is a great fixture because not only does it blend seamlessly into the pine straw when new, but it also patinas beautifully over time to continue to blend naturally into the surrounding areas.

While we could have done architectural lighting on the beautiful building, it’s important to only design lighting to fulfill the homeowner’s needs. The need was to allow for safe walking on the path in the evening for guests.

In this case, landscape lighting was the best fit for the job.

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