Candy Canes light up people’s faces

Candy cane LED lights

Candy cane LED lights

Candy canes are synonymous with Christmas. Even though I don’t even really like candy canes, I can’t help but at least buy one box each Christmas. If you’re looking for candy canes these days, you can find just about anything. They have ultra tiny canes, ultra huge canes, the traditional red canes, and every color you can imagine.

We have a great line of candy cane lights for Christmas. At this point, we wouldn’t have time to install more in time for this year’s Christmas but I wanted to show you some of the more popular ones. Perhaps if I installed these at my house next Christmas, I wouldn’t feel the need to buy that box of candy canes each year.

Our line has candy canes lights for decorating the outside of your house as well as LED candy cane lights for your yard. Take a look at this whimsical theme using all LED lights.

Candy Cane lights on home

Candy Cane lights on home

Even the dormers have a couple of candy cane lights on them.

As I said, it’s late for installing holiday lights this season but next season give us a ring early to install your lights. We have so many different themes in addition to this theme. Our program includes installation as well as take-down and storage of your lights. You get the best and most interesting and unique product on the market and you don’t have to do any work.

Going into 2010, count on us for all your traditional outdoor lighting needs. We design and install outdoor architectural lighting and outdoor landscape lighting. Our lights come in low voltage or LED or a combination of both.

Outdoor lighting is all we do. We’ve been doing outdoor lighting for the greater Nashville market for over 20 years. Give us a ring for a free design consultation for your home.
(615) 373 – 0638

LED candy cane lights Nashville

LED candy cane lights Nashville

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