C9’s look good throughout the year

C9 commercial outdoor lights Nashville

C9 commercial outdoor lights Nashville

We have this adorable Italian Restaurant in town. It’s in a shopping center with a grocery store so it’s not the normal place you would look for a quaint, delicious little Italian Restaurant. But, they’ve done such a great job decorating the front patio of the store that it seems to greet you and say hello every time you go to the grocery store. They have just 3 simple items that they’ve used to decorate – lattice for a little privacy, greenery wound around, and c9 lighting. They keep this up 52 weeks/year and you’d never think the lights are just for the holidays.

The image you see here is actually from a commercial job we did in another grocery store shopping center but you can see the wonderful romantic and welcoming effect.

Boom installing outdoor lighting Nashville

Boom installing outdoor lighting Nashville

At our office here in Nashville, outdoor lighting is all we do. Whether it’s commercial or residential, we’ve been installing and servicing outdoor lighting for 20 years here in the Nashville market. We don’t do landscaping. We don’t build structure. We design, install and service outdoor lighting.

If you’re thinking about C9’s for your commercial outdoor lighting whether for a large or small application, give us a ring. Our expert installers work for us year round. Whether we need to get on a ladder, hire a boom, or dig way under ground, we’d love to talk to you about your outdoor lighting needs.

John Groce - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Oh, and most importantly, happy holidays! Have a warm, safe, and fun holiday season.

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