Do It Yourself Usually Means Going it Alone But Not When It Comes to DIY Lighting

Professionally installed outdoor lighting

I wanted to convey to you the consumer, the pitfalls of the do-it-yourself outdoor lighting kits that are out there. More often than not, we go to a job and quote only to be called back by the customer who tried to do it themselves. This is an example of one such tragedy…

The problem was the homeowner called us to complain that the post lights he had installed had too much glare. What we came up with to be the source of the problem was that if they turn OFF then there was no more power on the driveway gate entry with the lighting there as well. Everything was on one circuit, and the homeowner had opted not to use dimming.

What this translated to was control of an existing line voltage fixture. The light would be on from dusk until daylight. If Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville would’ve installed this we would’ve installed hardware and receiver devices at each post light. We would also install a switch inside the house to control either, or both lights. We don’t want to cut power to the gate, just to be able to control the lights. In essence the homeowner did not have a separate circuit out there.

A professionally lit home by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

For this particular scenario we would set up a timer, transmitter and two receiver devices. All of which are professionally installed, professionally maintained, expandable, and supported.  The Do-it-yourself market makes these kind of jobs sound easy, but they just simply are not, especially when electricity is a key factor. If you don’t have the expertise behind the installation you won’t be able to work around the problem that can, and usually does arise. You simply won’t know the full functions within the technology to be able to work around the problem.We can figure out the solution and then spec., purchase and install. We can handle any problems that arise like wiring problems and other issues because lighting is all we do.

This homeowner went online and bought a do-it-yourself product for about $400, then he did not know HOW to install it. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville would’ve been able to do the same installation for $600-$700, worry free. The do-it-yourselfer has no ongoing or online support, and usually the product only has a 1 year warranty assigned to it.

The advantage of fully understanding the technology of outdoor lighting and having more than one way to solve an issue safely when one arises is immeasurable. If you are considering doing your lighting yourself, why not call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville a call. We can set up a night-time demonstration and show you the difference letting a professional take care of your lighting can make.

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