Temporary Nashville lighting for your very special event – 3 important things to think about

Are you having an outdoor prom, wedding, graduation party, cookout or other really special event? If so, you’ve probably considered outdoor lighting for the event. Have you wondered if it’s possible to get great quality event lighting for a one-time event? With a resounding yes, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville provides temporary outdoor lighting for events and special occasions.

Temporary LED lighting fixtures in Nashville

We have a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures available for temporary use or permanent installation. Our fixtures are also available in LED.

You’ve probably considered the many benefits of having outdoor lighting as well as the implications of not having lighting. Here are the top 3 things to think about:

1) Adding space

One thing our customers tell us time and time again is how much more they and their guests use their back yards once they add outdoor lighting. “It’s like that part of my yard doesn’t existing at night because it’s not lit up at night”. For an outdoor party, this is even more important to consider. You don’t want your guests on top of each other when there’s plenty of room and good lighting couple open up that area for use. Consider an outdoor event under a tent. If only the tented area is illuminated, everyone will stay under the tent. But, perhaps there’s an adjacent gazebo or patio which could double as a dance floor. Lighting up those areas will allow and encourage some guests to use those areas thus essentially adding space to your event location.

2) Photography

We’ve all seen them. We’re positively giddy when we attach the digital camera cord to the computer the next day and there they are – super dark pictures that are essentially useless. Good outdoor lighting renders colors and images in a way similar to how they are seen during the day. If it’s a wedding, imagine the difference between outdoor evening photos with good illumination and without. If you’re having a family reunion and likely won’t see these relatives again for many years, you want to capture all of the pictures. Good lighting will help make this possible.

3) Safety

Let’s never forget safety. Grassy areas hold numerous pitfalls for traversing add night. Add high heels to the equation and it could be even worse. But traversing grass and bumpy surfaces such as a cobbled walkway can be very safe if properly illuminated. Better illumination of the entry path and the party will enhance the safety of all your guests in the evening.

Do you own a facility that hosts outdoor evening events? Lighting commercial venues with permanent outdoor lighting is one of our specialties. Give us a call for a free estimate on either temporary or permanent outdoor lighting for your outdoor entertainment venue. 615-373-0638.


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