Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches

Nashville tree lighting with lit presents underneath

This large evergreen is lit with all white LED lights and a bundle of lighted presents sits beneath its branches beckoning Santa’s arrival.

When you think about all the parts of what make a holiday lighting display memorable the beautifully lit trees are what comes to most of our minds. There is simply something magical about adding light to a tree in any genre of outdoor lighting. It is like the tree comes to life under the glow of the lights. Each tree in your landscape has a specific personality. This is conveyed through the form of the tree, from its height, width and the manner in which the branches extrude. Our job as outdoor lighting professionals is to determine which type of lighting will best fit the personality of each tree and bring out the beauty and presence that makes a lighted tree a joy to behold. We use a variety of fixtures, angles, techniques and effects to achieve this when the tree is part of a landscape lighting installation. We also use a varied scope of holiday lighting elements to achieve the same thing when we light the tree as part of a holiday outdoor lighting display as well.

Nashville holiday tree lighting

Wrapping the branches and limbs of trees that have since lost their foliage in the fall creates a hauntingly beautiful effect.

Remember that trimming the holiday tree does not have to end with your indoor tree(s). There is nothing more gracious or charming than driving up the lane of a residence which is lined with evergreens lit for the season, or seeing that one magnificent majestic cedar all aglow in the front yard of your home.

To give you a little taste of the enchantment you can create in your landscape this season, here is a look into the beautiful world of Nashville holiday tree lighting for the outside of your home.

Nashville TN Christmas tree outdoor lights

This elegant trio of conifers welcomes you as you enter the property of this home. This look was achieved by selecting a trio of evergreens within the homeowner’s landscape and wrapping the trees with white LED strands. We furthered the effect by placing staked lighted LED starbursts around the base of the trees which also complements the rustic rock border along the property line.

Nashville holiday lights strung in the shape of a tree on the waterfront

Don’t have the perfect specimen in your landscape that would benefit from holiday tree lighting? Outdoor Perspectives of Nashville is the master of illusion; we can create the perfect specimen with special lighting techniques. This man-made Christmas tree sits in the center of the pond located on the property of this home. We simulated the shape of a tree with lighting. What makes this so dramatic is the way the lights reflect off the water for a magical illusion like no other.

Elegant Nashville Christmas tree lighting

This trio of lighted evergreens gives new meaning to the beloved Christmas song “We three kings”. This otherwise overlooked portion of the yard is brought to life for the season under the hypnotic spell of Christmas lighting. Sometimes the most common areas in your landscape can become the focus of a professional holiday lighting design.

Lighting hanging tree ornaments

Holiday icons, unique shapes and colored lights can become the focus of holiday tree lighting. Here we carefully hung lighted LED oversized Christmas ornaments from the branches of this tree. The result is pure enchantment.

Nashville lighted starbursts in tree lighting

When you wish upon a star, that star may become the highlight of your holiday lighting design. We carefully wrapped the trunk of this tree with white LED lights, and to add a touch of magic we hung lighted LED starbursts from the branches. The combination looks elegant used together and makes onlookers stop and wish their holiday lighting was this imaginative and unique!

Nashville TN outdoor Christmas lights lighted trees and garlands

The mature evergreen bushes that line the entry to this stunning home are large enough to serve as trees. Their height, width and form lend themselves as the perfect candidate for tree lighting.  This ingenious design proves that we can come up with unique solutions and techniques to add holiday tree lighting, even if you lack trees in your landscape.

We can also bring your outdoor Christmas tree to life by synchronizing your favorite holiday music in time with dancing lights, as seen in this video…..

As you can clearly see, there is no end to the magic and wonder professional holiday tree lighting can add to your landscape this season. Bring back the childlike wonder and fascination this season with holiday tree lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. Contact us today; we can help create a Christmas you will never forget
(615) 373 – 0638
email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

If you still yearn to see  for more holiday tree magic, visit our holiday lighting gallery located on our website.

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