How much time will you spend this evening programming your outdoor lighting for daylight savings time?


Our LCA technology ensures your lights will be on when you need them, each and every time.

Tonight is the night. Daylight savings time begins at 2:00 AM Sunday, March 10th. This time change means that many homeowners will be busy setting their clocks and other timed devices an hour ahead this evening to ensure the correct time. If you are still using a manual outdoor lighting timer, you are probably busy programming your timer right now in lieu of DST. Manual outdoor lighting timers are simply time-consuming and inconvenient. As the days begin to get longer they also force you to chase dusk during the entire season. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville wants to introduce you to lighting control automation, or LCA for short. LCA is convenient, versatile and will ensure that you will never have to worry about programming your outdoor lighting to accommodate DST, or chase dusk again.Daylight savings time

Not only does our LCA technology automatically adjust to facilitate the change for daylight savings time, it provides automation that you will enjoy every day. It simplifies your outdoor lighting. Our LCA provides effortless control of your home’s indoor and outdoor lighting and other powered features. The smart timer can do more than simply turn on selected lights at dusk. It can control your indoor and outdoor electric outlets. Here are just a few of the benefits LCA will provide.

  • LCA will ensure your outdoor lights come on automatically at dusk and off at dawn or the time of your choosing.
  • LCA will allow you to designate zones of lighting, both indoor and outdoor and program these zones to turn on and off automatically so your home always looks occupied. This is a huge convenience when you are on vacation.
  • LCA will allow you to program your lights to come at 50% power with the onset of dusk and progressively increase as the evening gets darker. This feature not only saves energy; it also creates a romantic ambiance in your landscape.
  • LCA allows you to control lights and appliances inside your home to come on automatically as well. We can even place a central keypad to control the entire system at the flick of a switch in any location you choose.
  • LCA can be programmed to gain control from your laptop or even your smart phone. This feature allows you to control your lighting from remote locations for the utmost convenience and versatility.
  • LCA will allow you to illuminate your home and landscape in any configuration and to come on at varying times. The choices are only limited to your imagination.

    Control your lighting with your smartphone, network your lights!!!

    Control your lighting with your smart phone, network your lights!!!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to automating your lighting needs for more convenient days and beautiful evenings. To learn more about our smart system lighting control automation contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today.
(615) 373 – 0638

See more examples of our beautiful and intelligent outdoor lighting by visiting our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery and our architectural photo gallery located on our website.

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