What it means to work with a tried and true outdoor lighting company like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville beautiful outdoor lighting

We have lit some of the Nashville area’s most elegant homes.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has been providing residential, holiday and commercial outdoor lighting here in the Nashville area for 25 years. With this kind of experience comes a level of commitment that makes us a household name in outdoor lighting around these parts. Our outdoor lighting services include architectural and facade lighting to bring out the best features in your beautiful home or storefront. We also specialize in landscape and garden lighting, pool and water feature lighting, deck and patio lighting, multiple facets of commercial outdoor lighting and of course are renowned holiday lighting designs that have given Nashville area residents joy during the Christmas holiday for many years.

Imagine the difference outdoor lighting can make

Imagine the difference outdoor lighting can make.

There is a certain level of trust that comes from being tried and true and having longevity as an outdoor lighting specialist. We count many of the customers that began with us 25 years ago among our current outdoor lighting customers today. Many homeowners have started with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville and have continued to use us as they moved to other homes, or as their lifestyles evolved to become business owners where we have been given the opportunity to light not only their homes, but their storefronts as well. For many Nashville area families, we are the one outdoor lighting company that they feel comfortable enough to pass onto family and friends.  With that being said, we have watched children of our lighting customers grow up with the benefits of our lighting and continue the tradition with their family as they grow up, marry and have a home of their own! It is a great feeling to provide service for multi-generations of family.

When you hire Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to do your outdoor lighting you get the peace of mind of knowing not only our quality fixture will provide years of enjoyment, our service is also unmatched by any outdoor lighting company around. Unlike “fly by night” companies that promise their customers the moon and are no longer in business to deliver on those promises.

Loveliest holiday lighting ever

We custom design and install some of the loveliest holiday lighting ever,

One of the biggest benefits of using an established company like us for your outdoor lighting needs is that we have proven that we have staying power within our market and region. We have a great product and great service, as well as a group of wonderful people to go along with it. I feel fortunate to be working for this company, and to be part of this dedicated and talented team.

holiday OLP garland

Nashville outdoor lighting and holiday lighting at its best!

Along with our talented owners, managers and design team our install teams take pride in all of our lighting installs and each property we service.  All the work is done by hand and in most cases, clients can’t even tell we have been there other than their property looks beautiful at night. Along with the great service and expert design, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is the manufacturer for all the outdoor lights for the Outdoor Lighting Perspective franchises nationwide. The proof is in the products and the people here who love outdoor lighting as a way of life.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn how we can pass our quality onto you by designing your outdoor lighting. We have over 25 years of experience lighting the most beautiful homes, storefronts, businesses and landscapes in the Nashville, TN area.
(615) 373 – 0638
email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

Nashville tree lighting

Our landscape lighting will turn your property into an oasis.

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