There’s more to love about outdoor living with outdoor lighting!

Patio outdoor lighting

This beautifully illuminated outdoor living room is bathed in romantic low voltage outdoor lighting.

Prime time for outdoor living has begun! With the arrival of warmer temperatures come more opportunities to enjoy your backyard and outdoor living spaces long after the sun has set.  Outdoor lighting is an important element in the success of outdoor entertaining and recreational activities you plan on partaking in this season. In particular, your deck and patio are the single most used areas of your home from the onset of spring well into the fall. If you have found yourself being forced indoors by darkness, we have just the recipe to perk up your patio or make your evening outdoor living spaces more desirable; Nashville deck & patio lighting!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville deck and patio lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville deck lighting.

Having a well-lit outdoor living space will allow extended hours of enjoyment for you, your family and friends. Added security provides visibility, mobility and footing on your deck while in use which means no more stumbling to maneuver on dangerously dark deck stairs or trying to grill by the light of a single builder-grade security light, and attempting to determine if the meat your grilling is rare or well-done?  No more having to move your guests inside with the setting sun because of the lack of visibility. Deck and patio lighting seems simple enough, but it opens up a whole new variety of outdoor living opportunities you never thought possible. It can even improve the way in which you view your entire backyard. Soft washes of light will create an ethereal effect on every area that surrounds your deck or patio, bringing out the beauty of your landscape and beyond. Outdoor lighting will enhance from every angle, from the stone used in a retaining wall to the delicate blooms of flowering shrubs and ornamentals planted within your landscape border. The possibilities are endless.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville deck lighting

Our outdoor lighting will enhance the safety and function of your deck.

When you take into consideration all the elements that make your outdoor living space a functional area such as adequate seating and dining areas, landscape surrounds for visual interest, a grill or even outdoor kitchens for food preparation, outdoor lighting for your deck or patio space is just as important. An outdoor living area without any of these elements can be viewed as an appendage with no character or function. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can even design lighting positioned close to the sink of your outdoor kitchen and grill area for added illumination in these two work zones. 

Deck and patio lighting can even be taken a step farther with Lighting Control Automation (LCA). By integrating our smart system LCA technology, you can also control and predetermine the brightness levels at different times of the day and night. This modulates the light for a softer effect when you want to sit outdoors in the evening, adding ambiance which is also energy-efficient!

half dome deck light Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Our “half-moon” deck lights exudes the industry’s widest indirect wash of light.

Take a peek at some of our most popular deck and patio lighting fixtures:

Our copper and brass deck mounted half-moon sconce lights are perfect to place on the hard to light area. We generally install these on the deck posts of your decks railing. These lights are elegant and made of the finest materials which are built to stand the test of time, understated yet powerful in that they cast the industry’s widest indirect wash of light. They also work great installed in retaining walls or other areas of your deck or patio. We have even installed them underneath the built-in bench seating of decks for a unique effect. Since these lights are made of copper and brass they weather to a beautiful patina over time.

Our verstile adjustable path light.

Our versatile adjustable path light.

Another favorite in our deck and patio lighting installations is the classic adjustable pier mounted copper path light. It works wonders when secured atop retaining walls, along deck and placed around the landscaping that surrounds your deck. With a high quality of light that casts a widespread glow that makes it a solid choice for the areas needing extended visibility.

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn more about our deck and patio lighting designs. We can even schedule a night-time demonstration and give you a taste of what you have been missing. (615) 373 – 0638 or email us at



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