Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville enhance your celebrations with special event lighting!

Nashville wedding & special event lighting

Nashville wedding & special event lighting.

Hosting special events to acknowledge and celebrate the important people and milestones of your life brings abundant personal joy. You work hard planning out all the details for the big events and the small ones, like weddings, graduations, birthdays, family reunions, job promotions and even fundraising events for your favorite charity, club or organization. You pick the when and where, the food, the music, the photographer, the color scheme and decorations…but what about the lighting? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville provides temporary lighting for all your outdoor (and indoor) events you have planned.

Huston Station Nashville lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville used special event festoon lighting to add romance to this wedding held inside Huston Station in downtown Nashville.

For an outdoor party you can extend your “party” space with our special event lighting. With the right lighting your guests can spread out into more of your back yard beyond the deck or patio. Our temporary special event lighting (as well as our permanent landscape and garden lighting designs) provide ambiance and make your back yard come to life after nightfall. It opens up plenty of additional space for your guests to circulate more easily and feel more comfortable. Lighting extended areas will encourage guests to use the areas beyond your primary location adding space to your event location.

Temporary LED lighting fixtures in Nashville

We have a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures available for temporary use or permanent installation. Our fixtures are also available in LED.

When hosting an outdoor event, safety is always an important consideration especially in the evening. Backyard terrains are grassy and often uneven, which can sometimes make sure footing uncertain. Without the proper lighting, your nighttime event mixed with high heel shoes and guests engaged in conversation as they stroll, opportunities for disaster are sure to arise. Make these areas safe for all guests (even those in heels) with ambient light for your grassy areas, gravel paths and cobbled surfaces. Proper illumination of the entry path and the party will not only enhance the safety of your event, but it will set the mood as well, making it an enjoyable evening for all.

What is a special event without pictures? How many times have you been heartbroken over candid photos of your family gathering or birthday party that weren’t taken in a properly lit area? Those are missed moments that you can’t get back. Whether you’re hiring a professional photographer, or have everyone using their cell phone cameras to snap lots of candid shots throughout the party, the right lighting is essential for getting it all on film with good color and clear faces full of expression.

outdoor-lighting-nashville TN

Memorial Day is right around the corner!

No matter how elaborate or simple your gathering, be it a fully catered cocktail party for your best friend’s engagement or a family reunion barbeque with relatives you haven’t seen in years, our special event lighting will ensure your party venue is awash in excellent photo-op spots. You’ll have plenty of light to capture the vignettes of love and laughter in memory rich photos that you and your family can enjoy well after the party remnants are all cleaned up.

Don’t let the lack of proper lighting throughout your event venue limit your party space, reduce your guest’s safety or prevent you from getting all the special memories of the occasion on film. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville specializes in special event lighting and residential and commercial outdoor lighting. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor venue, our custom designed special event lighting will ensure your social gathering is memorable. Our large selection of fixtures, including festival lighting and LED lighting combined with our experience in utilizing unique lighting techniques enable us to create an atmosphere that enriches the overall experience for you and your guests during your perfectly planned milestone event.

Matt Oaks signature

Matt Oakes of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Contact us today and let us create a lighting design which will help you make it unforgettable! (615) 373 – 0638   Email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

Visit our website, and our Houzz gallery, for more inspiring images of our outdoor lighting including special event lighting!

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