The HouseThanks for stopping by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives – Nashville’s blog site here is a little information about us.   Since changing our name from LightScapes, we have become part of the largest landscape lighting franchise system in the United States. Ask around. Chances are that a neighbor or a friend has a system that has been installed and maintained by us over 20 years now.


Our install teams take pride in all of our landscape lighting installs and your property.  All the work is done by hand and in most cases, clients can’t even tell we have been there other than their property looks beautiful at night. 


We would welcome the opportunity to visit your property and offer you a free lighting preview.  We can demonstrate a lighting effect on your home so you can view the project complete before you make your investment.  Our designers will highlight all or your architectural feathers and illuminate landscapes to bring your outdoor living areas alive. 


A quality lighting system would not be complete without a worry-free service program.  We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives want your home to look wonderful five years from now – just like it did the day it was originally installed.  We have a dedicated service crew that services, adjusts, and consults with all of our current clients and non-OLP systems daily.  Here at OLP your property is our product and we want to provide you with the ultimate lighting experience.  Thank you for stopping by and please browse our other websites, pictures, and videos below.

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