Welcome David G. Todd to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville


David G. Todd, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, we have a close-knit team. From our office staff, to our designers and our installers, we embrace an ethic of open communication and teamwork. In many ways, we function in much the same manner a family would. With this in mind, we want to formally welcome one of our newest team members into the OLP Nashville family — David G. Todd.

David is a Nashville native. He was in the specialty advertising business for 25 years. After selling his company he pondered what his next step would be. David then decided to venture into the oil and gas business where he remained until 2015 when gas prices plummeted, or when the spigots were turned off, so to speak. This left his calendar open to exploring new endeavors.

David’s arrival at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has been “simmering” for many years as David and Bob Lyons Jr. have been friends for some 25+ years. During this time the two of them often tossed around the idea of doing something together from a business perspective. About 3 years backs those friendly conversations became more serious, which focused on growing the commercial end of the business from a lighting standpoint. David has ties to many of the contractors, builders, engineers and architects doing business in and around the Nashville area, so this past summer he and Bob Jr. decided to move ahead in officially making him part of the team.

Commercial outdoor lighting on architectural breaks

Commercial outdoor lighting on architectural breaks

David officially joined the OLP Nashville team on August 1st, 2016, where he is heading the commercial outdoor lighting aspect of growth and assists in growing the residential outdoor lighting facet as well. He is working in unison with Bob Jr. as the main salesman for commercial and residential installations.

Brentwood TN Architectural and Facade Outdoor Lighting

He loves being at OLP Nashville and says he is having a blast. He is most impressed with the effect the addition of outdoor lighting has on a property. Some of the most enjoyment for him comes from helping with evening demonstrations for prospective clients and witnessing their reaction to seeing their home, or business, illuminated for the first time — it is truly priceless. David pointed out a recent demo where the couple gave each other outdoor lighting as a Christmas present to themselves and how overjoyed they were with the results.


This past year, 2016, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville won a Franchisee of the Year award and the Excellence in Sales Award during the Outdoor Living Brands annual meeting held in January. David is elated to be part of a team that has, and continues, to be recognized for their success!

Please help us welcome the newest member of our team! We look forward to sharing the continued success of Nashville outdoor lighting, both in our commercial and residential projects in the future.

Let us transform your home, property or business for you today. Ask around, chances are that beautiful outdoor lighting your neighbor has been designed and installed by us.  Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville at (615) 373 – 0638 or email us at olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.


Memphis BBQ Contest Showcases Nationwide Talent and Gets Us Thinking about Illuminating Your Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Area for Summer

Nashville SkylineBeing part of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is something we absolutely love to do as a team. We enjoy meeting clients, being creative with lighting and we are always up to a challenge when it comes to making things work in the most unique situations to give our customers exactly what they want. We also love to support Nashville’s local community events and give back whenever we can.

Springtime means barbecue time!We’ve participated in many fun events such as the Memphis In May BBQ competition with the team at Peg Leg Porkers, which brings in the county’s best BBQ teams for a cook off while raising awareness that provides education, international and economic program opportunities for the people of Memphis. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it this year, but we wanted to tip our hat to the Peg Leg Porkers team for their stellar effort this year.

The Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest is quite a big deal for those of us with our hearts deep in BBQ, and it’s no different than ranking in a golf major or even the Kentucky Derby. They take barbeque seriously in the Memphis area, so it’s no surprise its home to this event. Any team taking the top three slots garners some pretty significant bragging rights throughout the entire USA and the BBQ world. Judging is serious business and determining the final winner in various categories is quite the heart-stopper.

Peg Leg Porker

To taste some fabulous BBQ in Nashville, definitely drop by Peg Leg Porker in the Gulch for some certified world-class barbecue and to congratulate the team.

Nashville’s own  Peg Leg Porker founder and owner, Carey Bringle, is a veteran of the Memphis in May contestant, but has never ended up in one of the coveted top-3 finalist spots.But this year was different as Bringle fielded two teams, one in his traditional category of Pork Shoulder and a second smaller team competing in Whole Hog. A brand-new competition trailer hauled everything they needed to compete, including one of his new line of smokers that he is selling, specifically the BMF-200. Fantastically, they came in third place and faced some stiff competition!

Task lighting over an outdoor kitchen makes food preparation effortless!

Task lighting within an outdoor kitchen makes food preparation effortless!

If you live in Music City and you want to get your own BBQ groove going, we can add real value to your backyard grilling and smoking experience thanks to task lighting that makes the job easy no matter what time you are flipping meat. Your outdoor kitchen and deck/patio area will not only look great, but it will work hard for you to ensure you know exactly when the brisket is done and ready to eat. Proper visibility to cook, serve and dine is an important part of any outdoor barbeque zone, so why not let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville help you get it summer ready so you can show off your grilling skills to family and friends.

Matt Oaks signature

Matt Oakes of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to get your backyard in gear for outdoor dining and fun! Phone us at 615-373-0638, or by email at: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville Attends LIGHTFAIR International 2016

We used LED dimmable Edison style light bulbs that were customized to nest inside massive metal caged orbsAs you may already know, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville strives to stay in-tune with all the new outdoor lighting trends and advances in outdoor lighting technology. Lighting is part of who we are. Whether it is testing new inventions to improve the way we are able to provide the best outdoor lighting to you, or attending conventions and seminars to further our knowledge in the field — outdoor lighting is always on our minds and we take inspiration from all around us in our travels and daily lives. With this in mind, we recently attended LIGHTFAIR International 2016.

LIGHTFAIR International is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. This is the conference where light, technology and design converge to reveal new solutions, new knowledge and new discoveries. 500 of the world’s leading manufacturers take center stage to showcase the latest technologies and innovations in over 200,000 square feet of exhibit space, including products and solutions
to enhance our customers’ outdoor lighting experience.

In progress unique lighting installation in Edgehill Village.

In progress unique lighting installation in Edgehill Village.

We are elated, and exhausted, from what we learned while attending the show. Coming away with new innovative ideas we plan to implement into our top-quality outdoor lighting designs, including new inspirations for  our residential, commercial and holiday outdoor lighting customers! Keep an eye open in the coming months as we begin to share more projects stemming from the valuable insight we brought with us!

Matt Oaks signature

Matt Oakes of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

To learn more about our cutting-edge, professional outdoor lighting designs contact  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today at (615) 373 – 0638
Email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.

Commercial outdoor lighting all around Nashville

Nashville outdoor lighting straightest drive

Nashville outdoor lighting straightest drive

Last week we attended the CAI Nashville golf tournament Luau Golf Scramble at Gaylor Springs Golf Course here in Nashville. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We sponsored the straightest drive contest and had a nice tent where we met lots of great property managers around the Nashville area. In fact, some of the CAI members were already customers of ours and didn’t realize that we do commercial outdoor lighting. We do! After the event, we were asked by several CAI members to do a consultation. These were for traditional outdoor lighting but also for parking garage and parking area lighting.

3 main aspects – design company first – you give us a blank canvas and tell us what you want and we will tell you what you need #2 – installation - we provide all of the fixtures and all of the installation labor for you. There is no sub-contractor. We complete the install, you get warranty #3 – service. We service our systems, we service other systems. People are impressed that we have 2 full-time service vans and we’re bringing on another We customize all of our service packages for your needs – monthly, quarterly, yearly Holiday lighting – not too early to start thinking about it We offer property managers something a little different – we design, install, store. You don’t have to do anything.

Here was our booth at the golf tournament.

The good thing is that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville hasn’t just been in our market for over 20 years, but we are the manufacturer for all of the other Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offices around the country. We have a tremendous amount of flexibility with our fixtures to not only custom design a solution but sometimes to even create a customized product. We have the ability to powder coat our fixtures to match the various applications.

Some of the CAI members we spoke to just wanted to know what we do.

Essentially, there are 3 main aspects to what we do. We are a design company first. You give us a blank canvas and tell us what you want and we will design the outdoor lighting for your needs.

Secondly, we are an installation company. We provide all of the fixtures and all of the installation labor for you. There is no sub-contractor. We complete the install, you get the warranty

Outdoor holiday lighting Nashville

Outdoor holiday lighting Nashville

Finally, we are a service company. We service our systems and we service other systems. We have 2 full-time service vans. You may have seen them around town. And we’re bringing on another service van to keep up. We customize all of our service packages for your needs whether they be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

We also do holiday lighting. It’s definitely not too early to start thinking about holiday lighting. Unlike other holiday lighting companies, we offer property managers something a little different – we design, install, and store. You don’t have to do anything. You literally don’t ever have to touch the lighting.

Give us a call to talk about outdoor lighting for your commercial or residential application.

(615) 373 – 0638
email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

Antique and Garden Show (Follow up)

I would like to say “thank you” for everyone who stopped by our booth at the Antique and Garden show on the 11th – 13th on this month in downtown Nashville.  I hope that you had a chance to view our LED lighting in Paul Lively and Todd Breyer’s gardens at the show.  We are happy to announce that Todd brought home the best in show ribbon and I wanted to personally congratulate him!  Also thanks to both Paul and Todd for allowing us to display our new LED lighting line in their beautiful gardens.

Here are some pictures from the show:
























More show News….

If you missed us at the Antique and Garden show and would like to view our LED products please stop by our both at the Nashville Lawn and Garden show next week, March 3rd – 7th.  We will have our booth as well as lighting in multiple gardens.  Stop by to say “hello.”

What Makes an Expert?

Nicholas Murray Butler said, “An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less.”  Whether or not this was a serious stance on Mr. Butler’s part, I found the statement comically familiar.  In a world full of how-to and instructional books, here’s a piece of knowledge for any interested consumer.  You don’t call an optometrist when you have a toothache. 

I’m not saying that companies shouldn’t multitask.  True businessmen feel compelled to establish certain attributes to separate themselves from competition.  Any satisfied customer will tell you it’s the little things that count.  Industry leaders don’t achieve and maintain success by test driving every money making venture that comes down the pike.  There’s a reason B&E Irrigation and Bonner Landscaping  are at the top of their respective fields year in and year out. 

My point, I suppose, is buyer beware.  If you want results, if you want satisfaction, invest in a company that has a sense of focus.  Let’s not call them “experts.”  Let’s call them “specialists.”  Watch out for a company that spreads itself too thin; they might just disappear.

John Groce – Senior Designer of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

In Slow Economy, Trade Alliances Shine

It’s no great surprise that early winter months can be trying for any company involved in an outdoor industry. We all try different tactics to generate leads and revenue dollars. But do not overlook the obvious. Trade alliances accelerate and sustain success.

Recently we had the opportunity to install an architectural lighting design at the home of Nancy Moore, owner of The Porch Company. Nancy and I became acquainted last year when she joined Residential Resources , a Nashville based networking group. I’m thankful for every job Nancy and I worked on in the past year and was especially excited to be included on the recent project at her personal residence. Nancy also hired Siteworks , an industry leader in hardscape design and installation. Joe Hamilton and team reworked the paver walkway, built a stone retaining wall, and blended the overall scene by incorporating boulders. We applied the finishing touches with a series of copper wall lights and moonlighting, achieving aesthetics and function. Special thanks to Paul Moore, of J. Paul Moore Photography  for providing us with the pictures.

Click here to see the entire photo gallery 

John Groce – Senior Designer for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville