Don’t Make Lighting Your New Landscape an Afterthought

Nashville backyard lightingDon’t Make Lighting Your New Landscape an Afterthought — Proactive Planning with a New Outdoor Lighting System Makes all the Difference.

If you are planning on building a home, installing landscape or outdoor living space additions or have a property without any outdoor landscape lighting, then we can design a system from scratch and lay everything out. It’s always best to include your outdoor lighting architect in your home-build or landscape renovation projects upfront so that we can work in tandem with your contractor to take advantage of the construction phase. Being proactive can save you money and hassle later when it comes time to determine where power and fixtures need to be if you can if you’ve put it into the plans in advance.

Nashville Outdoor Lighting MaintenanceEven if you don’t plan on putting in outdoor lighting right away, we can install sleeves before your driveways, sidewalks, patios and other structures are poured or built. Sleeves allow wiring to easily be passed through at any time instead of having to dig under existing hardscape like concrete.  It minimizes on mess later in terms of disrupting or moving your plants, shrubs and trees because accessibility is made easy. It also helps in case you have an issue with wiring later on as it can be quickly serviced or replaced through the same sleeve.

Of course, we are always happy to work around your existing home structure and landscaping as well. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville will come in and evaluate your property plot and work around existing structures wherever possible and even dig under them if necessary to get the look you want to achieve–so don’t fret if you forgot to include landscape lighting in your initial plans.

Belle Meade architectural LED lighting and tree lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

You can consult with one of our outdoor lighting designers and they will ask you questions about your outdoor lifestyle and how you like to dine, play and entertain outside. Not only will we illuminate the façade of your home, entryway and driveway; but we can also add lighting to your backyard so that your deck and patio can handle some serious entertainment and family time. We can give your pool, water features and outdoor living spaces the royal treatment so they can be enjoyed at any hour of the night. If you love lawn games, we can give your family and friends plenty of visibility to toss around the football or enjoy a game of cornhole well into the evening. If late night grilling or cooking in your outdoor kitchen is the standard in your household, we can provide you with task lighting so you can tell when the steaks are done without having to bring them inside to check.

Nashville magical backyard lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville doesn’t slow down during the winter months; in fact, we are busier than ever. The cooler temperatures provide a great time for landscape additions as plants are dormant, and the dark evenings means outdoor lighting is more welcomed than ever. Let’s sit down and discuss designing  the ideal outdoor lighting for your home and property for season after season of enjoyment!

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to chat about newly installed landscape lighting or enhancing your current outdoor lighting. You can call us at (615) 373 – 0638, or by emailing us at:


A Heartfelt “Thank You” To Those That Made This Year’s Lawn and Garden Show a Success!

Our talented team installing lighting in the Living Stone vignette at the Nashville Lawn and Garden show 2015.

Our talented team installing lighting in the Living Stone vignette at the Nashville Lawn and Garden show 2015.

Our participation in the Nashville Lawn & Garden show was a huge success again this year. Along with being able to meet and discuss outdoor lighting with hundreds of Nashville area residents, we were also honored to have our lighting featured in many of the show gardens.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville would like to thank The Living Stone Hardscapes, Paula Peace of Peacescapes and Lively Landscapes for allowing us to compliment their beautiful gardens and structures featured in this year’s show — it was truly an honor!

Installing lighting in Living Stone Booth

Installing lighting in Living Stone Booth.

  • Living Stone offers complete design and landscaping services specializing in hardscaping and outdoor living areas, to handle your project from start to finish. They service all of Middle Tennessee including Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Belle Meade. To learn more please visit their website at
  • The Lively Landscape Company is proud to offer a unique and distinctive approach to landscape design, in that the designer is involved with both the design process and actual installation. Through involvement in all phases of the project — from initial concept to personally directing our trained crews, the designer ensures that his design is carefully translated into reality, assuring our clients that the installed materials are of proper quality, placement, and technique. To learn more please visit their website at
  • Paula Peace of Peacescapes has been practicing garden design for the past 20 years. Her studies include special classes with top English designers. Specializing in residential and commercial gardens throughout the Nashville area. Paula was also the lecture series chairperson for this year’s show. To learn more please visit their website at

Here are some of the breathtaking gardens and vignettes we participated in:

Paul Lively garden

Lively Landscape garden.

Lively Garden at Nashville Lawn and Garden Show.

Another Lively Garden at Nashville Lawn and Garden Show.

Lively wins award at Lawn and Garden Show Nashville 2015In addition to showing our appreciation for being asked to collaborate with these talented businesses, we would also like to congratulate Lively Landscape for receiving an award for their “Once Bitten” themed garden!

Matt Oaks signature

Matt Oakes of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

If you would like to learn more about adding or upgrading your landscape and garden lighting this season, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville at (615) 373 – 0638 or via email@


Nashville Celebrates National Landscape Architecture Month!

Outdoor lighting plays a major role in the success of landscape architecture.

Outdoor lighting plays a major role in the success of landscape architecture.

April is National Landscape Architecture month. The event was founded by the American Society of Landscape Architecture as a way for landscape architects from all over the country to come together to heighten awareness of their important role in public and private forums. The theme for this year’s event  is called “Career Discovery” and is geared  towards educating and promoting the landscape architecture profession to students, specifically underrepresented minorities. During the month of April, landscape architects from all over the US will  hold public events showcasing  what can be achieved through hands-on work with the public, speaking engagements, and in-school presentations.

National Landscape Architecture MonthOne such event is scheduled for April 19th, right here in Tennessee at the Design and Presentations at Laurel-Snow State Natural Area. In partnership with the Laurel-Snow State Natural Area, the University of Tennessee‘s Student ASLA, East-Tennessee Section ASLA, and newly formed South-East Section ASLA members will educate park visitors and protect the historical and ecological resources. Unique features on the site provide opportunities for interpretive signage, miles of pedestrian trails, and much more. Panoramic overlooks, deep gorges, waterfalls, cascades, unique bridges, and bluffs all adorn this wonderful state natural area and regional destination. Laurel-Snow State Natural Area is 2,259-acres and part of the Cumberland Trail network.

Landscape architecture consists of designing outdoor public areas, parks, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, social-behavioral, or aesthetic outcomes. Landscape architects also oversee, along with other specialized contractors, private estate and residential landscape  planning and designs as well. These can encompass visual resource management, green infrastructure planning, provision and a host of other professions.

A closeup of one of our LED path lights.

A closeup of one of our LED path lights.

Along with landscape architecture specifically, outdoor lighting also plays a key role in the design of outdoor areas, public and private alike, with the common goal of creating an aesthetically pleasing area while paying close attention to environmental concerns. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has worked closely with many local landscape architects to choose the right outdoor lighting for a specific installation. These include both commercial settings, and multi-family residential settings. We use our lighting to bring the vision of what a landscape architect sees for a specific area and create continuity in the completed project that will extend day into evening. This may include the use of landscape lighting, path lighting, tree lighting, and even water feature lighting  and focal point lighting to aid in achieving the intended goal of the landscape architect.


Garden and landscape lighting includes statuary lighting

Focal point lighting is another element we use to heighten the effects of beautiful landscape architecture.

Along with improving the aesthetics of an outdoor space, outdoor lighting can also help an outdoor space achieve environmental standards.  By utilizing LED technology we are able to introduce a “greener” aspect to lighting that improves the relevance of its use from an economic and environmental standpoint. This is because LED uses up to 90% less energy and LED’s contain no dangerous mercury that can impact the environment. These are just a few of the reasons landscape architects embrace the use of LED outdoor lighting in their creations, as there are manypositive benefits from the use of LED outdoor lighting.


Matt Oaks signature

Matt Oakes of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

We admire the efforts and talent of our local landscape architects here in the Nashville region. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today to learn more about how we are making a difference in the community with LED outdoor lighting technology, and how we can make a difference in your landscape too! (615) 373 – 0638, email:


Choosing the right tree and the right lighting element are key to beautiful tree lighting.

Nashville hackberry tree lighting

We lit the driveway with moonlights in the trees along the right side of this driveway for drama in the evening.

Trees are one of the most important parts of a beautiful landscape. They offer shade, screening, create a focal point of interest and serve as a backdrop of inspiration to other landscaping and outdoor structures. One way to create a landscape that sizzles with beauty and visual interest is to entail the use of tree lighting into your outdoor lighting design. In the Nashville area trees are among many of our scenic treasures and we have become experts at helping homeowners decide the perfect specimen tree in their landscape as a candidate for lighting.

Our tree lighting formula can accentuate the height, width and  canopy of the tree. What elements we include into lighting your individual conifer all depend on the tree itself. The shape, size and spread of the trees branches can come to life at night easily with the use of one or more of our tree lighting elements. In our experience the trees that benefit the most from tree lighting and make the most impact, or “bang for your buck”, if you will, are trees with spreading canopies. Trees that offer full spread or “vase” canopies, which means the branches spread upright,  also some weeping species make the best trees to light in your landscape. With spreading canopies, there is more room to play the light up and down through the limbs of the canopy itself. Bushier, thick limbed,  columnar trees offer little room for enhancement through tree lighting.

Nashville tree lighting

We lit the entry to this driveway from the ginkgo tree, which is a focal point of this landscape.

Moonlighting is also a viable option in tree lighting that uses the upper branches of the tree to cast light into the lower branches to light a path, or other point of interest in correlation with the tree itself. The term “moonlighting” itself lends to thoughts of mystery and romance, and that is exactly the type of light moonlighting emits. A type of unforgettable light that uses depth to cast a glow full of ambiance and haunting beauty.

If you are wondering which trees you may have in your yard that would make perfect candidates for tree lighting, we have compiled a summary of some of the trees that we often see here in the Nashville area that look beautiful with the addition of outdoor tree lighting.  Many varieties of Maples,  Oaks , Ginkgo trees and ornamental cherry trees definitely fit the bill. Other good species include  the Hackberry, Elms and Birch trees. If you are fortunate enough to have one of the weeping varieties of trees like weeping Birches, weeping Maples and  weeping Cherry trees  their unique form and branching can become a focus of drama  in your landscape with tree lighting.

Tree lighting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Specimens with spreading, or complimentary, canopies make the best candidate for tree lighting in your landscape.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can design an outdoor lighting plan that takes your home and landscape to another level, including the use of tree lighting within your landscape. To learn more, or to set up a night-time demonstration contact us at (615) 373 – 0638 or email us at

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Visit our landscape and garden lighting galleries located on our website for more example of tree lighting at it’s best.

When adding an enhancement for outdoor living this Spring, don’t get left in the dark.

Nashville deck lighting

This deck is all ready for use this spring, with outdoor lighting and freshly planted trees abound with blooms, welcome.

Spring is a time for renewal. The winter world around us comes to life, from the green of the forest to the newborn wildlife that open their eyes to a new world. Spring is also a time when homeowners spring to life after a long winter of staying indoors. Many homeowners set their sights on creating an outdoor oasis to enjoy time outdoors for the upcoming season. This interest can include adding outdoor living spaces such as decks, patios or even a garden trellis to take in the beauty of a newly planted landscape up close. Many homeowners plan to add a pool or spa to their home and landscape this time of year, so the structure will be “swim ready” just in time for warm weather. Whatever your inspiration or intention is for the upcoming spring, outdoor lighting will enhance your chosen endeavor. Outdoor lighting will enable you to swim longer, play longer and relax longer by giving you the opportunity to utilize your outdoor area well into the night. The time to plan your outdoor lighting comes at the same time you plan your outdoor improvement- from the very beginning.


A well-lit deck makes it all come together beautifully.

Having your outdoor lighting professional present from the planning stages along with your contractor can make a huge difference in the fluidity of your entire design. We specialize in working hand-in-hand with landscapers, and builders to make sure your completed outdoor living enhancement is a true masterpiece. The benefit from early communication within the planning means that we can run the lines for your outdoor lighting while the ground is already disturbed from the building process. In essence this makes the task more exact and also ensures no disturbances or damage is caused by waiting to call on your outdoor lighting representative after your structure is completed. This also means less wait time. When you are ready to dive into your new pool, or enjoy a cookout on your new deck, it will be “lights, camera, action” because your outdoor lighting is ready when you are.

A well lit pool and surround means safety and beauty

A well-lit pool and surround means safety and beauty

Having the added convenience of a properly lit outdoor structure will add security, expanded enjoyment and beauty to the structure as a whole. The ambiance of outdoor lighting playing off the water adds to the imagery to make it more desirable. Fantasy often mimics reality and pool lighting is just one aspect of where the ambiance of outdoor lighting can enhance your entire experience of how your outdoor structure functions.

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Don’t get left in the dark, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to make sure your outdoor living structure is lighted properly for its spring debut.

Call us at (615) 373 – 0638 or email us at to learn more.

Leave the Jack of all Trades to Jack?

Landscape lighting at its best

Have you ever heard the old saying “Jack of all trades”? Well here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville we not only hear it, but we see it everyday. A number of landscapers, lawn companies and other specialized contractors claim they can install outdoor lighting along with their specialized profession, we have experienced many times that this simply is not the case. After all, would you go to the dentist for a broken leg? Precisely not, that is why it is a good idea to let the professionals who specialize in an individual trade to do what they do best-in their profession.

Beautiful landscape lighting paired with beautiful landscaping

This is not meant to de-emphasize the importance of the two working hand-in-hand with another. In the case of outdoor lighting it is crucial to work along with your landscaper or landscape architect. Professional landscape architects such as Mark D. Thomas whom we have worked closely with on many outdoor lighting jobs, are so important to the whole process of well done landscaping and well done outdoor lighting complimenting one another.

We prefer for the landscape architect , or the homeowner to contact us as soon as the landscape design plans are approved. Contacting us at this stage ensures you get a deep knowledge of exactly what is going to be installed, and what area we will need to concentrate on to give you the best results.

If you are planning landscape lighting and outdoor lighting in the months ahead give us a call , we have been in this business for 27 years. We are in a tight-knit community where our focus is on design and quality. Many landscape architects call us because they know we not only have the best products they also know we have the best service too, we will always take good care of their customers, and ours.Call (615) 373 – 0638 .

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Solar outdoor lighting – not so green

I had the opportunity to visit a Williamson County residence the other day to discuss the home owner’s current outdoor lighting situation. The home owner was not pleased with their current lighting and wanted me give them a professional option. The homeowner had attempted to install / design the landscape lighting himself, a couple of times (I might add) and was ready to turn the project over to OLP. 

He had a combination of many different types of fixture, including his second set of solar lights from Home Depot. I asked him why he went with the solar lights; his reply was “To be green.” During our consultation we discussed multiple options for lighting and finally landed on low voltage copper path lighting.

During our conversation we discovered that the Solar lighting option was “not so green.” Our discovery:

1.  Both sets of solar lights ended up in the trash – probably in a land field somewhere. (This will probably be there long after us)
2.  He had purchased about 20 of these lights which didn’t even carry a 1 year warranty – how many factory hours does it take to build products that fail that quickly??
3.  The copper path lighting  he decided on is constructed from solid copper – which is a highly recycled element (and very sought after – recycle plants pay high dollar for copper)
4.  This was the last lighting system he would have to install – it carried a 10 year warranty on the fixtures.
5.  Conserving energy is a major part of “Going Green” – purchasing materials that will last and are manufactured with highly recyclable elements is just as important.

Going green with solar lighting can seem great on the outside but deep down you may be doing more harm than you think!

Sandra Nichols Landscaping and OLP make a great team!

As I was looking through last months issue of Nashville Home & Décor Ideas, I came across an article by Sandra Nichols Landscaping, Inc one of our preferred partners.  Over the past few months she has referred several customers for lighting needs.  It made me realize that Spring has now sprung and people will get back out and start enjoying their landscape and gardens.  Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives help you enjoy those gardens after the daylight hours while adding a sense of security and we also highly recommend Sandra Nichols Landscaping for any of your landscaping needs.

The Fundamentals of Outdoor Lighting

To most people, design is subject to opinion.  But when choosing a designer and company there are certain attributes you should listen for.  One should quickly be able to tell the difference between a novice and specialist. 

In a past blog I touched on a company that spreads itself to thin, someone who provides a large quantity of services rather than a specialized skill.  If you’re still finding it difficult to discern the two, pay attention.  There are many fundamentals of outdoor lighting, but today I will touch on the big three.  They are balance, height, and depth.

When it comes to balance we are looking for features that spread the home providing a design that is easy on the eyes.  Find a natural starting and stopping point.  Call these your anchors.  Once the anchors have been recognized, the objective is to establish rhythm throughout with key fixture placement. 

Another important consideration is height.  Fundamentally, a home should stand tall.  Where recessed lighting provides a squatting effect, uplighting stretches the home giving it stature.  Don’t forget about the home’s architectural strengths either.  Illuminating dormers, peaks, and chimneys will bring a designs fullest potential.

Finally, I will touch on depth.  Depth is accomplished with path lighting and landscape lighting.  Highlighting certain species of trees, plants, annuals will give your property the added pizzazz it needs.  Depth is going to bring the design to life incorporating color, growth structure, and a sense of visual intensity.

John Groce – Senior Designer of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville