Historic home in Murfreesboro, TN makes new history with a lighting installation by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

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Historic residence in Murfreesboro, TN

With a historic home like this one in Murfreesboro, TN the past speaks to us through its colonial revival architecture and character of yesteryear. The owners of this 1926 home, which is registered on the national register of historic places recently contracted Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to add lighting to the already profoundly stunning home.

Colonial revival style homes are characterized by crown pediments,  elaborate front entries most often seen with the use of columns, and symmetrical front facades. It is an honor to be asked to accentuate this homes already beautiful presence.

nashville column lighting garden lighting

You can barely see the well lighting that illuminates this beautiful corner column wrapped by nature with beautiful green ivy

The homeowners wanted a well-rounded design that complimented their landscaping and a design that required as little maintenance as possible. We used a combination of low maintenance and energy-efficient LED lighting, regular architectural lighting, landscape lighting  and moonlighting strategically placed throughout the landscape to cast an ethereal glow. Our LED’s carry a lifetime warranty. The system will still require an annual visit to make sure everything is running smoothly.

LED outdoor lighting Nashville with smoke colored acrylic lens

LED outdoor lighting Nashville with smoke colored acrylic lens

The homeowners wanted to showcase the homes colonial revival architecture in a relaxed, more subdued manner. We were able to achieve this by using well lights with low-wattage bulbs and using a “smoke” acrylic lens color on the well lights. The result is elegant and understated, the perfect coupling for the homes details to shine through.

The landscaping around this residence is as breathtaking as the home itself. We wanted to make sure that the landscaping got the attention it deserved, but in a soft manner, letting the planting speak for themselves. We applied moonlights to compliment all the beautiful Hosta lilies within the shade garden. We also applied focal moonlighting to a large tree in the back as well.

This home is a masterpiece in itself, the lighting application had to be on the same level to bring out the homes architecture and gorgeous grounds in a tasteful, understated elegance. It looks like 1926 was a great year for architecture and 2011 is a good year for elegant outdoor lighting.

John Groce - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville makes sure your outdoor lighting fits to a T

Nashville Outdoor Lighting - Architectural Outdoor Lighting

Nashville Outdoor Lighting - Architectural Outdoor Lighting

Maybe you’re not quite old enough to remember the early 80’s risqué’ blue jean advertisements of Brooke Shields telling the world that nothing comes between her and her Calvins. Even today, designers of denim tout about how they have the perfect jean to fit any figure…long or short legs, small or large hips, and all body shapes and sizes. The same can be said for what type of outdoor lighting is the best “fit” for you home. One size does not fit all.

When you speak the language of outdoor lighting you take into consideration your homes length, width and depth. For example on an artist’s palette you may have hues of red, blues and greens.  The amount of each color the painter will use on his canvas will depend on what he is painting. For instance, if he is painting a landscape, chances are the artist would use predominately greens. Would the artist be able to use those same greens to achieve a rendering of an autumn sunset? Of course not, that is why this analogy shows that the same lighting design and application does not work on homes with different dimensions or architectural styles. Each home is different and individual and should be treated as such when it comes to designing the outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perespectives of Nashville uses architectural lighting to accentuate this homes distinctive features

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville uses architectural lighting to accentuate this homes distinctive features

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville designs an outdoor lighting application that accentuates your homes individual “curves”, just like a good pair of jeans on your body should. A small ranch style home would have a much different outdoor lighting design than a larger custom-built home would. A typical ranch style home is a good package to focus on the width of the home, because in most cases a ranch reflects a longer design. With this style of home you want to use outdoor lighting to add depth, so it’s not a one-dimensional flat canvas. A good lighting design would incorporate smaller trees closer to the home and the outward landscaping of the home to accentuate the homes curves as well. Creating depth is not always about the features of the home but also using a homes unique landscaping to create depth.

Outdoor Lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Outdoor Lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Proper outdoor lighting on larger, custom-built homes begins with focusing on the width of the home as well. In most cases this type of home will not be flat across the front. With custom homes you want to stretch the width with the use of light to accentuate any peaks, eaves or arches and maximize their uniqueness and beauty. Illuminating across the front of the homes exterior and accentuating the homes height is key to maximizing the home’s beauty as well. We like to pick out vegetation to the left and right of the home so it flanks the home and frames the entire picture. This type of design also lets people know that when they drive past your home it looks even larger with properly placed and applied outdoor lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville also uses architectural features such as stonework, retaining walls or any specialty element to create shadow and depth. One crucial thing that most often gets overlooked in outdoor lighting illuminating the dormers on a home, this is important in allowing your outdoor lighting application to achieve  height and balance.


This gazebo comes to life at night within the landscape with outdoor lighting

When it comes to lighting backyard scenarios we generally consult with the homeowner to find out where they spend most of their time in the backyard. We will sit on the patio or at a table on the covered porch of a prospective client and take different aspects of the landscape and vegetation into consideration in order to frame and light these areas with a room type atmosphere, so your eye never really stops. We can even illuminate certain trees to accentuate their colors, like a Japanese maple, or create a canopy by lighting tall trees. The effects that can be created by lighting a backyard landscape can be breathtaking. We always strive to get that “perfect fit” for you with all aspects of lighting your property.

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Moonlight and Westhaven Make the Perfect Pair Thanks to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Outdoor Lighting Nashville-Westhaven

Outdoor Lighting accentuates the beauty and architecture of this home

If two words could sum up the lighting application  on this home in Westhaven they would have to be entrancing and ethereal. This home is situated on a corner lot and is close to the neighborhood clubhouse. Several angles to illuminate and a complicated roofline made this home a design challenge. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville took the challenge in stride and the end project of this home at night is truly breathtaking.

Side view of home in Westhaven

Side view which shows how lighting accentuates the height and depth of this home

We accentuated the width and the height of the home by using well lights placed strategically so they cast a side glow and  singled out certain architectural features of the home. Well lights are one of the best lights to use when focusing on architecture. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville uses these type of lights in many of its designs, and precision placement ensures the homeowner is not met by the light intruding in through a window. We also strive to focus on the effect that a light produces, rather than the light itself. This is why discreet placement of fixtures is key.

Westhaven home during the day

This daytime photo shows the complicated roofline The roof line of this home in Westhaven presented some interesting challenges for us. From the curb side looking at the house we did up lighting and from the house side we did downlighting. We also placed lights on the upper gable of the home as well on the second story to illuminate the columns on the second floor. Roof line lighting is challenging in itself, but Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville went a step furtherNotice the down lights on this tree to provide moonlighting, or shadow lighting

By attaching lights to the trees on the side of this home. We used up lighting as well as down lighting to illuminate not only the trees but the homes facade as well. Lighting in the trees also served to cast moon lighting, also known as shadow lighting onto the walkway below. This application adds safety, beauty, depth and dimension to this area.


These copper stake lights age to a beautiful rustic patino over time

Not a single stone was left unturned when it came to beautifully illuminating this home. We even added soffit lights in the covered patio. These soffit lights are tied into the LCA (lighting control automation) of the homes lighting system to add worry free, no hassle operation to the list of positives this home has.

The whole effect the lighting gives is one which you don’t want to turn away from. Even during the day the lighting still entrances you, notice the beautiful aged patina of the copper path lights.

Evening shot at Westhaven

This photo shows the importance of accentuating a homes architectural breaks

If you are ready to see what the evening holds in store for your home by adding outdoor lighting, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville a call. We can set up a night-time demonstration to show you what moonlighting can do for your landscape. 615- 373-0638, or you can email us @ http://nashville.outdoorlights.com/

Lighting design series: Find the architectural breaks

commercial outdoor lighting fixture

commercial outdoor lighting fixture

A lot of my customers ask me about how I design outdoor lighting. Next to relationships with customers, it’s my second favorite part of my job. To some extent, I feel I should keep this a secret because I don’t want to work myself out of a job. But, I also know although absolutely critical, lighting design is just part of an outdoor lighting job. Without professional knowledgeable installation, high quality fixtures and expert maintenance, the design would be moot.

So, here is the first in an ongoing lighting design series. Every day I work with prospective business and homeowners to design outdoor lighting for their homes, landscapes, outdoor living areas and buildings. I had an interesting design consult this week with a hotel.

The owner’s primary motivation for outdoor lighting was to gain more visibility from the highway.

Hotel facade picture

View of the hotel from the highway

Here’s a view of the side of the hotel that sits on the highway. You can see that along the top of the building there are commercial outdoor lights that point down onto the parking lot for parking safety. But those down lights don’t illuminate the structure.

One idea that might come to mind is shining commercial grade spot lights at the facade to light it up like the 4th of July. The problem with super bright spot lights is the feeling they create – viewable but “blown out”. A structure looks blown out when the light becomes the focus instead of the structure it’s illuminating.

The other problem with flood lights is they obstruct the vision of the hotel guests. When you shine a generalized and bright light toward a facade, this creates a blinding effect to the guests who are looking out the window at night.

Commercial outdoor lighting on architectural breaks

Commercial outdoor lighting on architectural breaks

So what we want to do is use lights near the base of the building the shine upward but specifically not light under the window columns. These are the architectural breaks. The architectural breaks are the vertical lines, if you will, created by the architecture that lend themselves to illumination. So on this facade, that would be the concrete areas between the windows and of course the left and right edges of the building. I always want to light the far left and far right side of the structure to give the structure breadth.

Here’s a picture of a job we did in Nashville.

I love to look at pictures of commercial and residential applications and give some design ideas. Please feel free to comment on this post or email me pictures for ideas.


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