Outdoor festival lighting is all the rave in Nashville — but keep in mind all festival lighting is NOT created equal!

Nashville TN festival outdoor lighting

Festival outdoor lighting recently completed in Nashville, TN, by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all festoon, festival and decorative outdoor café lighting is the same! If you compare those made and installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville versus those found at your big box or home improvement stores, you will be amazed at how much betters ours are by a stretch! First of all, our permanent festival lighting is made right here in the USA and is also made to LAST for years, and not just one or two seasons. If you are going to invest in festival overhead lighting, make sure you invest in a product that can stand the test of time and can resist the varied weather here in Nashville; such as the sun, rain, wind, snow and ice.

Nashville backyard festival lighting

We can recreate the same magic in your residential or commercial outdoor space!

Our festival lighting entails using commercial grade lighting suspended by heavy wire so it doesn’t sag over time. We professionally install everything we sell so that you can be sure it is safe, hung properly and provides a custom look that is all your own. We also ensure it is suspended with corrosion resistant hooks exactly where you want them so that it provides a gorgeous overhead lighting effect for years to come. Unlike those cheap string lights that only look like café lights, our bulbs don’t crack, yellow or fill with water. This can be highly dangerous and can cause your breakers to trip, and shock or even a fire. Don’t risk your family’s safety on cheap fixtures!

Our festoon lighting uses LED bulbs so that they are low-wattage, last 50,000+ hours and are easy on the wallet. We offer you clear, white and a rainbow of colors so that you can customize the look and change them out during any time of the year such as the holidays. It’s great to have options!

Festoon style permanent festival lighting in the Gulch.

Festoon style permanent festival lighting in the Gulch.

We’ve replaced plenty of inferior so-called café lights that our competitors are selling, and you can be assured theirs are nothing more than cut-rate imitations. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these are the same ones you see at actual restaurants and cool retail street alleys that we’ve installed all over Music City like Edgehill Village, The Gulch and homes just like yours. Check out this recent installation we did for a customer in Clarendon, where we swathed their brick patio from above with festival lights that went from a nearby tree to the back wall of their home. We are sure you will agree that it adds a ton of backyard beauty and charm with unmatched simplicity and style.

Nashville Fiesta Lighting

If you want the look of an elegant French café over your patio or deck, festoon lighting is the ideal solution for overhead. It can elegantly drape across large expanses without having to use a harsh stadium-type fixture with a large bulb that is blinding and has a tacky look. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can install your festival lighting so that it perfectly fits into your existing landscape lighting plan in a totally natural way so that it is a cohesive part of your outdoor entertaining area. You will be able to hang out with family and friends, easily be able to cook, dine and play card or board games with the kids.

Don’t waste your money on cheap imitation café lights that are nothing more than seasonal string lights that are not meant to last. Instead invest in authentic, high quality festival lights that will provide years of solid use with no headaches or disappointment over the long term.

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to check out our permanent café festoon lighting options and how we can give your deck or patio the cool look of an outdoor dining venue. You can call us at (615) 373 – 0638, or by emailing us at: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com.

Give the gift that promises to shine year after year; the gift of outdoor lighting!

The gift of light outdoor holiday lighting

Giving the gift of outdoor lighting be treasured long after the excitement of the holiday fades.

The “big day” is just a few weeks away and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has just the gift to please that special someone on your list this year — the gift of light! Nothing makes a more classic and treasured gift than the gift of outdoor lighting at your home.

Outdoor lighting will add character, and curb appeal to your home. It can also help aid in making your property more secure and safer in the evening. Our landscape lighting will make your landscape the one that turns heads, improving curb appeal! Our up-lighting and architectural lighting can be used to accentuate your home’s distinct features and add drama and beauty to your landscape. Our deck and patio lighting will add function and fun to your outdoor living in the evening creating a safer backyard that is loaded with ambiance. In essence, outdoor lighting is one of the few gifts that you can give that will keep giving season after season, year after year, and most importantly it will be treasured long after the excitement of the holiday fades.

Imagine enjoying season after season with outdoor lighting!

Imagine enjoying season after season with outdoor lighting

Beautiful outdoor lighting is timeless.

Beautiful outdoor lighting is timeless.

If you are in search of a gift with “staying power” that promises years of enjoyment, then outdoor lighting is the perfect fit! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can prepare a gift certificate in any denomination to present to your special someone on Christmas or perhaps you would even like to treat yourself? Our talented outdoor lighting designers specialize in creating soft, natural-looking exterior lighting that will turn your property into pure enchantment in the evening.

OLP Gift

Outdoor lighting makes the perfect gift.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today to take advantage of the perfect gift for that special someone, or give one to yourself. Our outdoor lighting designs are unforgettable and timeless because they never go out of style. This will be the one gift that keeps on giving year after beautiful year. (615) 373 – 0638 email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

 Please visit our website and our Houzz galleries for more examples of our magical outdoor lighting designs!

Our products are proudly made in the USA, in fact, right here in Nashville!

In today’s world, more and more products seem to be made outside the USA. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville our fixtures are manufactured not only here in the USA, but right here in Nashville! Some may ask, “why is being made local so important?” The truth is, support of American made, and particularly locally made products is vital to our country’s economy and the local economy and remain a testament to quality and craftsmanship. A vital element of the push to  “going Green” includes supporting and buying local which aids in sustaining the local economy.

 B &B Manufacturing and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville and B&B Manufacturing is located right here in beautiful Nashville!

The Nashville economy relies heavily on manufacturing. Historically, the strength of America has been the product of the hardworking individuals within the economic stronghold of local American factories. The manufacturing industry, as a whole, not only sustains the future of the next generation’s workforce; it also plays a major role in our local economy and overall well-being of all of us whom live and work in Nashville.

Our facilities neighbor Nashville's historic Houston Station.

Our facilities neighbor Nashville’s Houston Station, former home of the old May hosiery mill, within the up and coming Houston/Wedgewood neighborhood.

Fortunately, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the major role in which the “Made in Nashville” label plays in our full economic structure.People throughout the country are rediscovering the benefits of buying local. Buying local  means you are supporting local economies and able to witness the direct impact of choosing local. As a whole,many are realizing that saving a little on their purchases is costing them a lot more in the long run and are going back to shopping with an eye for quality, durability and craftsmanship; three things which are synonymous buying local.

Deck BB02 used under fountain in entry garden by Anne Daigh landscape architect,LLC at Nasheville Antiques and Garden ShowSupporting locally made products benefits our whole society because it creates upward mobility while building a broader, stronger American middle class. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville and B & B Manufacturing are proud to provide quality outdoor lighting fixtures made right here in the USA, additionally being manufactured locally here in Nashville. In fact, the lights we install are the same fixtures, components and even LED bulbs that are putting people to work locally. From LED bulb assembly to shining the fixtures and shipment and installation, these are the jobs provided here at our facilities that are providing employment for Nashville residents.

Belle Meade architectural and landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of NashvilleIn case you did not know, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is also B&B Manufacturing.  B&B was established by Bob Lyons Sr., Bob Lyons Jr.,(hence the B and B), along with Winston Edwards who played a vital  role when we began manufacturing in 1998. B&B Manufacturing is a privately held company that manufactures commercial and residential outdoor lighting  fixtures locally to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and Green Outdoor Lighting locations all over the country. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality outdoor lighting fixtures,expert outdoor lighting design and installation with personal service to match.

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn how we can pass our quality onto you by designing your outdoor lighting. We have over 22 years of experience lighting the most beautiful homes and landscapes in the Nashville, TN area.  (615) 373 – 0638 email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com




Enjoy a moment of nostalgia as we travel back in time to when we were known as “Lightscapes”

OLP 1997 article about Lightscapes in the Nashville Banner

1997 article about Lightscapes in the Nashville Banner.

Recently, I came across this newspaper clipping from an article featured in the Nashville Banner from 1997. Although the article was written over a decade ago, it made me take a nostalgic look back in the past of our beloved company that is now known as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

As many of you may already know, we were originally called “Lightscapes” and were operating under that name from 1987 until 1999. The birth of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can be traced back to us, as we were a driving force in the way outdoor lighting was brought to market. By creating a turnkey landscape lighting business which featured the advent of the “night-time demonstration”, by doing this we brought the concept of all-inclusive outdoor lighting out of the shadows, away from being “avant garde” and into the mainstream.

Timeless outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

Timeless outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

Up until this point in time, outdoor lighting and landscape lighting was reserved mainly for the elite due to the expense of having to go through so many “channels” to have a system installed. For example, there was no “one stop” to receive a design consultation, order fixtures, schedule installation or even consider a “night-time” demonstration or system maintenance. In order to have any type of upscale outdoor lighting you first had to hire a designer, then you had to most likely arrange an appointment with a specialty lighting store which carried outdoor lighting fixtures. Upon arrival of the fixtures ( which could take weeks or even months) you then had to hire an electrician to install the lights, many of which having no experience in outdoor lighting at all, and rely on a wish and a hope that everything came out as you imagined once the switch was turned on that first evening. This is the part of the story where things often became a headache for the homeowner — like having to contact the electrician or your designer to “tweak” placement or other dilemmas that would, and did, often arise. In some cases, a number of the fixtures might not be operating properly, etc, and you are back to square one in the endless pursuit of lighting the night! This formula added up to a frustrating, time-consuming and much too expensive proposition for most homeowners. We aimed to change it all, and we did!

Up close look at BB02 path light

Up close look at BB02 path light.

Not only do we plan, design, and install your outdoor lighting as part of our all-inclusive service, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is also B&B Manufacturing.The B&B in B&B Manufacturing actually stands for, yes, you guessed it, Bob and Bob, which are Bob Lyons Sr. and Bob Lyons Jr. The father and son team that started this company back in the 80’s. B&B Manufacturing is a privately held company that manufactures commercial and residential outdoor lighting  fixtures. We use our own quality fixtures exclusively, as do many of the other Outdoor Lighting Perspectives locations throughout the country.

Nashville Landscape Lighting Gazebo

This gazebo comes to life at night within the landscape with outdoor lighting

This means we are a one-stop-shop for all your outdoor lighting needs. No middle man, no separate scheduling, and no runaround. Our vision and innovation cuts out all the “channels” involved in the outdoor lighting installations of yesteryear.We also have the advantage of fully understanding the technology of outdoor lighting because it is all we do. This means we have more than one way to solve an issue safely when one arises.This level of commitment, experience and talent is immeasurable in the business. We can even schedule a night-time demonstration at your home or business to let you experience the magic that is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville!

Reflecting on this particular article, where our lighting was featured on a local Victorian mansion used as the 1997 Decorator’s Show Home for the Junior League‘s annual fund-raiser, you will notice elegance in outdoor lighting never goes out of style. When Bob Lyons was interviewed for the Nashville Banner he pointed out one of the secrets behind successful outdoor lighting, which still rings true today — “…lights placed in the right places, trees and plants will glow and the best features of your house will shine.” It may sound simple, but there is an art in knowing proper placement and choosing the right fixture to gain the most benefit.

Lightscape logo

Recognize this?

One of the biggest benefits of using an established company like us for your outdoor lighting needs is that we have proven that we have staying power within our market and region. We have a great product and great service, as well as a group of wonderful people to go along with it. “The perfect lighting.” Lyons says, “is when you never see a fixture day of night”. That is where the true measure of magic in our outdoor lighting lies.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville vanContact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn how we can pass our quality onto you by designing your outdoor lighting. We have over 26 years of experience lighting the most beautiful homes, storefronts, businesses and landscapes in the Nashville, TN area. (615) 373 – 0638
email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

There is more to the “E” in LED outdoor lighting than just what the name implies

LED architectural and facade lighting in Belle Meade by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

LED architectural and facade lighting in Belle Meade by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is defined as a semiconductor light source. LEDs create light, as outlined by the Edison Tech. Center,  “by electroluminescence in a semiconductor material. Electroluminescence is the phenomenon of a material emitting light when electric current or an electric field is passed through it,  this happens when electrons are sent through the material and fill electron holes. An electron hole exists where an atom lacks electrons (negatively charged) and therefore have a positive charge. Semiconductor materials like germanium or silicon can be “doped” to create and control the number of electron holes. “Doping” is the adding of other elements to the semiconductor material to change its properties. By doping a semiconductor you can make two separate types of semiconductors in the same crystal. The boundary between the two types is called a p-n junction. The junction only allows current to pass through it one way, this is why they are used as diodes. LEDs are made using p-n junctions. As electrons pass through one crystal to the other they fill electron holes.” They emit photons which result in light! LED is available in many different colors. Different elements are used to create LED’s variance of color, such as gallium arsenide in making red and infrared LED, gallium nitride in making blue LED,  and Yttrium aluminium garnet in making white LED’s.

LED lights are long lasting, energy efficient and among the safest lights on the market today for outdoor lighting.

LED lights are long lasting, energy efficient and among the safest lights on the market today for outdoor lighting.

The Color of Quality

Some might argue,  that a light is a light. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is here to tell you nothing could be farther from the truth. Since outdoor lighting is all we do, we take the quality of the lighting itself very seriously. We’ve been designing and installing outdoor lighting in Nashville for over 20 years. During that time we have marveled at the advances in outdoor lighting technologies, especially when it comes to LED outdoor lighting. LED outdoor lighting has become one of the most sought after outdoor lighting genres in the business and accounts for over half of the commercial and residential installations we do. Keep in mind, that just because an LED says LED, doesn’t mean all LED’s are created equal. Unless you are a seasoned lighting professional, the lingo used to explain the different quality of LED light, and what the various “colors” associated with LED lighting mean can be overwhelming.

In the quest for the perfect color of LED outdoor lighting is what Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has been able to achieve with our LED outdoor lighting designs. What sets our LED’s apart from the rest is our exclusive high quality fixtures made just for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives locations, and the use of Cree LED lighting technologies. Cree has revolutionized the lighting industry with high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting. The Cree advantage begins with mixing the light from red and Cree unsaturated yellow LEDs which are among the highest-performing LEDs on the market. Every Cree fixture is then color tuned as a complete system for the utmost consistency in performance. The result is beautiful white light with superior color accuracy and consistency.

Franklin TN LED residential outdoor lighting

The outdoor lighting at the stunning home in Franklin, TN serves as a perfect example of how you can benefit from LED outdoor lighting.

Energy Efficient, Economical and Effortless

Aside from the advantages of our consistent color LED’s that enhance your home and landscape, our LED’s are also beneficial in other ways. These include energy-efficiency making them more economical to operate than traditional outdoor lighting. LED lighting is more energy-efficient and leaves less of an impact on the environment than other types of outdoor lighting.  It can save a homeowner thousands in energy costs over the LED’s lifetime. In addition, since they contain no glass components, they are not vulnerable to vibration or breakage like conventional bulbs and make the perfect lighting for outdoor applications. LED lights are free of toxic chemicals. Most conventional fluorescent bulbs contain a multitude of materials such as mercury that are dangerous for the environment and make disposal dangerous. Since they contain no toxic materials and are 100% recyclable, they will help you reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third. LED is safer in many regards too because it generates light from cool burning technology, and it uses less wire to install properly. Our LED outdoor lighting is also longer lasting and requires less frequent replacement making their operation seem effortless! These attributes prove that the “E” in LED means much more than just what the name implies.

John Groce - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

John Groce – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

If you are ready to see our LED outdoor lighting designs in action, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn more. We can ensure your residential or commercial location will benefit from our LED outdoor lighting. (615) 373 – 0638
email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

See more examples of our LED outdoor lighting by visiting our landscape lighting and architectural outdoor lighting galleries, located on our website.


When outdoor lighting goes bad, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is here to deliver you from the darkest days (and nights).

Outdoor Lighting

Oh, what a difference professional outdoor lighting can make.

Being in the business of professional outdoor lighting, we have seen many less than professional outdoor lighting designs and installations here in the Nashville area over the 20 + years we have been in business. We have went in behind other “so called” outdoor lighting professionals to fix the headaches they have left the homeowner to deal with, along with amending the failed attempts at a “do it yourselfer” trying to properly install their own outdoor lighting. The problems we have fixed range from poor design, to fixtures that don’t deliver what they promise. A good rule of thumb to remember in outdoor lighting is you get what you pay for. Even if you set on a journey with all good intentions to save a few bucks by hiring a cut-rate installer, in the end it usually ends up costing you more instead of less.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives facade and landscape lighting

Choosing the right outdoor lighting company for your outdoor lighting needs can make or break the happiness of your design and installation.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville wants to take this opportunity to inform Nashville area residents of examples of outdoor lighting practices to avoid and fixtures that just don’t deliver on their promises. This list outlines some of the ways poor outdoor lighting can leave you disappointed, and in the dark.

Avoid “fly by night” outdoor lighting companies that are here today and gone tomorrow – How many times have you seen a cardboard sign stuck  in the grass at a busy intersection about installing your outdoor lighting cheap? Many times the sign will also include landscaping and other exterior work advertised at a discount rate too. We advise homeowners to avoid these fly by night companies because most often they have little or no experience in outdoor lighting. Let’s face it; any reputable professional is not going to advertise via a yard stake sign on a street corner. These companies try to peddle whatever services they can offer on a seasonal basis to make money. You may see the same company advertise to aerate or seed your lawn cheap in early spring, or leaf removal in the fall, and then two weeks later the same company is advertising outdoor lighting at a discount- this should scream buyer beware!  These individuals may install your outdoor lighting on your Nashville home and landscape in May and by the time the first problems arises, they are in another state peddling their services or in the worst case scenario, nowhere to be found when it comes time to stand behind their service or fixtures.


Truly professional outdoor lighting will enhance your home, landscape and your lifestyle.

Avoid becoming a victim to the contractor that is Jack of all trades and master of none –  We encourage homeowners to do their homework before choosing the right lighting professional to design and install their outdoor lighting. It is a wise idea to steer clear of a company with claims of being a master of all things involving the exterior or your home. Landscaping firms, irrigation firms and other outdoor improvement specialty companies may advertise outdoor lighting as a by-line to their main area of expertise, and while some may turn out to do a good job, putting your faith in a company that doesn’t specialize in outdoor lighting singularly is like playing a game of Russian roulette, hit or miss.

Can you spot the solar lights

Solar lights are just one example of outdoor lighting dissappointment. Can you spot the solar outdoor lights in this image?

Avoid buying and installing fixtures from big box stores – Many big box stores offer a selection of do-it-yourself outdoor lighting fixtures. Choosing to purchase these fixtures will often leave you disappointed with not only the quality of light they produce, but also their lack of longevity. Many of these fixtures are constructed so poorly, and with the cheapest materials that by the end of the season most of the lights no longer work. Even though many come with warranties and guarantees written on the box, the exclusions written in extra fine print leave homeowners little course of action if the fixtures stop working or break. Unless you want to purchase and install new outdoor lighting fixtures year after year, we recommend sticking with a reputable lighting professional that installs only premium outdoor lighting fixtures that are in it for the long haul.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville beautiful outdoor lighting

Our outdoor lighting installations utilize safety as well as beauty in your landscape.

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, outdoor lighting is all we do. Installing outdoor lighting is difficult, requires lots of knowledge, and can be fraught with perils if not done correctly including the risk of fire, the risk of cutting important power and other lines just for starters. We have been doing residential and commercial outdoor lighting here in the Nashville area for over 20 years. With that kind of experience comes a level of commitment that makes us a household name in outdoor lighting in this area. Our outdoor lighting services include architectural and facade lighting to bring out the best features in your beautiful home or storefront. We also specialize in landscape and garden lighting, pool and water feature lighting, deck and patio lighting, multiple facets of commercial outdoor lighting and of course, are renowned holiday lighting designs that have given Nashville area residents joy during the Christmas holiday for many years. One of the biggest benefits of using an established company like us for your outdoor lighting needs is that we have proven that we have staying power within our market and demographic region. We have a great product and great service, as well as a group of dedicated people to go along with it.

Nashville TN home after outdoor lighting

This home in Nashville stands as a beacon of beauty and peace of mind with professional outdoor lighting.

Along with our talented owners, managers and design team our install teams take pride in all of our lighting installs and each property we service.  All the work is done by hand and in most cases, clients can’t even tell we have been there other than their property looks beautiful at night. Along with the great service and expert design, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is the manufacturer for all the outdoor lights for the Outdoor Lighting Perspective franchises nationwide. The proof is in the products and the people who love outdoor lighting as a way of life. Don’t trust your single biggest investment to inferior fixtures or a cut-rate company or inexperienced installer. Our company practices what we preach and stand behind our fixtures and our workmanship every step of the way.

If you are considering the addition of outdoor lighting at your residence, or have an existing outdoor lighting system in need of an upgrade to bring it up to the standards you deserve, contact us today. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville your property is our product and we want to provide you with the ultimate lighting experience.

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Please visit our outdoor lighting photo gallery and our landscape and garden photo gallery located on our website for examples of our commitment to superior outdoor lighting.

Open up a new realm of outdoor living possibilities with deck and patio lighting

Nashville deck and patio lighting

Deck and patio lighting will give your backyard a whole new look.

Your deck and patio are the single most used areas of your home from the onset of spring well into the fall. If you find yourself letting darkness elude your outdoor enjoyment by forcing you inside with the setting sun, we have just the recipe to perk up your patio or make using your deck in the evening more desirable; our deck and patio lighting designs.

When you take into consideration all the elements that make you deck a functional area such as adequate seating areas, landscape surround and a grill or even outdoor kitchens, outdoor lighting for your deck is just as important. A deck without any of these elements in essence is just a boring and dull appendage with no character or function.

Nashville deck lighting

This deck and surrounding area sets the mood for many glorious entertaining possibilities with the wonderful deck lighting is now has.

Our deck and patio lighting provides added security for more visibility, mobility and footing on your deck while in use. It also provides the opportunity for extended hours of enjoyment on your deck. Lighting your deck can also promote ambiance and character in your outdoor living space as well. We use the appropriate light fixture for each installation to deliver all of these luxuries to you as part of the whole package.

Our copper and brass deck mounted half-moon sconce lights are perfect to place on the hard to light area. We generally install these on the deck posts of your decks railing. These lights are elegant and made of the finest materials which are built to stand the test of time, understated yet powerful in that they cast the industry’s widest indirect wash of light. They also work great installed in retaining walls or other areas of your deck or patio. We have even installed them underneath the built-in bench seating of decks for a dazzling, unique effect. Since these lights are made of copper and brass they weather to a beautiful patina with age.

half dome deck light Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Our “half-moon” deck lights exudes the industry’s widest indirect wash of light.

Another favorite in our deck and patio lighting installations is the classic adjustable pier mounted copper path light. It works wonders when secured atop retaining walls, along deck and placed around the landscaping that surrounds your deck. With a high quality of light that casts a widespread glow that makes it  a solid choice for the areas that need extended visibility.

Can you imagine the entertaining and family time opportunities that having a well-lit deck would open up? No more stumbling or trying to grill by the light of a single builder-grade security light, trying to decide if the steak is rare or well-done. No more having to move your guests inside with the setting sun because of the lack of visibility. Deck lighting seems simple enough, but it opens up a whole new realm of outdoor living opportunities you never thought possible. It can even improve the way in which you view your entire backyard. Soft washes of light will create an ethereal effect on every area that surrounds the deck, from the stone used in a retaining wall to the delicate blooms of flowering shrubs that are located in your decks landscape border. The possibilities are endless.


A well-lit deck makes it all come together beautifully.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn more about our deck and patio lighting designs. We can even schedule a night-time demonstration and give you a taste of what you have been missing.

Call us at (615) 373 – 0638 or email us at  olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

For more deck and patio lighting designs to spark your inspiration; visit our deck and patio lighting gallery located on our website.