Proper Nashville Outdoor Lighting Can Prevent and Reduce Winter Accidents on Dark, Slippery Surfaces.

Icy surfaces can create danger around your Nashville home

Icy surfaces can create danger around your Nashville home.

In recent weeks much of the country has seen more than its fair share of wintry weather. From snow, ice and sleet to wind gusts that chill to the bone meaning that cold-than-normal winter the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicted has come to fruition! Winter weather can make any type of travel dangerous, whether it is traveling by car to the grocery, or venturing from your home to your yard, freezing conditions can transform a wet surface into an accident waiting to happening very quickly. Icy steps, sidewalks, driveways and paths can turn a trip to the mailbox into a trip to the emergency room, especially when the area is dark!

Darkness doubles the chances of an accident on slick outdoor surfaces

Darkness doubles the chances of an accident on slick outdoor surfaces.

Darkness doubles the chances of an accident on slick outdoor surfaces because you cannot visually determine their condition and act. The addition of outdoor lighting around areas of frequent travel will help reduce the chances of getting hurt and will improve the overall safety in, and around, your home during every season.


  • Outdoor stair lighting Nashville

    Lighting along these steps is not only beautiful but enhances safety too!

    Lighting stairways for safety: Stairs need to be made clearly visible to prevent trips or falls. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville focuses on two distinct areas when we add lighting to the stairs around your home. This includes installing lighting on any railing, and installing lighting on the vertical area of the step itself. Both of these methods will help you and your family safely navigate stairs through increased visibility.

  • Franklin TN LED residential outdoor lighting

    Notice how this Franklin, TN, home’s entry is clearly visible?

    Lighting paths for safety: Increasing visibility along paths and sidewalks will allow safe navigation by raising awareness of ice, snow or any object that may be present. This includes limbs or debris that can blow onto paths during spring and summer storms posing a safety hazard.

  • Lighting your home’s entrances for safety: Poorly lit entrance points into your home can post a safety hazard. The entrance itself should be clearly visible in addition to the stairs and path that lead to your door.
  • Nashville outdoor lighting in the snow

    Nashville outdoor lighting in the snow.

    Lighting the landscape for safety: A well-lit landscape enables you to “see” areas that may require special attention during wintry weather. Landscape lighting illuminates the areas around your home to enable you to stay a well-informed homeowner or the conditions around your property.

  • Lighting timers or lighting control automation can help further safety:  Adding timers or lighting control automation will ensure the lights are on when you need them most, every evening, in every season!
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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville urges homeowners with outdoor lighting to proceed with caution when mulching and sprucing up this Spring

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville beautiful outdoor lighting

Our outdoor lighting installations utilize safety as well as beauty in your landscape.

When most people think of outdoor lighting they envision a beautiful home and landscape enhanced by the soft, romantic illumination of professional outdoor lighting. It is true that the aesthetic appeal of outdoor lighting is important, as is their ability to enhance function of your landscape in the evening. One often overlooked aspect of outdoor lighting that is just as important is the safety of the outdoor lights themselves.Safe outdoor lighting is a top priority at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. Letting a novice install your outdoor lighting can often lead to safety hazards such as overloaded circuitry and incorrect installation. This is why it is important to have an outdoor lighting professional install your outdoor lights. Aside from choosing a reputable, experienced outdoor lighting professional there are other safeguards that need to be addressed from the position of the homeowner which can affect the safety of your outdoor lighting.


This lens cover has been damaged by allowing debris to pile atop the light.

One of the number one fire hazards that pose a threat in outdoor lighting is the absence of lens covers, especially on well lights. As we look ahead to the coming spring, homeowners will be busy sprucing up their yards by trimming bushes, flowers and trees as well as refurbishing their mulch and pine straw in their landscape. Spent clippings from plant material are often dried out, and once it has been trimmed will dry out quickly. It is important to discard these clippings and keep them away from all outdoor lighting to avoid the risk of fire. When applying new mulch or pine straw it is also crucial to avoid covering your outdoor lighting. Covering your outdoor lighting will not only make your lighting look bad, it can also present a risk of fire from contact with the dry mulch. This is the reason  having lens covers on your well lights is so beneficial. The purpose of lens covers is to keep any foreign material out of your well lights that could potentially pose a fire hazard, including plant clippings and mulch.


This image clearly illustrates the importance of lens covers.

Even with lens covers it is still possible for outdoor lighting to become a fire hazard if covered completely by landscape materials. The material can cause the light itself to heat up and melt. It is a good idea to perform a once over in your landscape beds once your new mulch has been delivered, and again when applied to make sure no lighting has been buried underneath. It is also important to convey to your landscape manager who is overseeing your mulching or trimming  the presence and location of your lighting to ensure no lights get buried.

LED lights are long lasting, energy efficient and among the safest lights on the market today for outdoor lighting.

LED lights are long lasting, energy efficient and among the safest lights on the market today for outdoor lighting.

As lighting systems transition from quartz halogen to LED, mulch-related heat buildup problems and issues will decrease. If you are new to outdoor lighting and are considering adding them to your home and landscape in the near future, choosing an LED system will decrease the risk of heat buildup and fire because  LED lighting produces very little heat when in use because it contains no filament. The light LED produces come from a process called electroluminescence, where a substance is acted upon by an electric field that produces a cold light. Not only does LED pose less of risk of causing fires, it is also dramatically more energy-efficient, more durable, and leaves less of a carbon footprint on the environment. It doesn’t get much “cooler” than that!

John Groce - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

John Groce – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

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