Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville predicts which holiday commerical outdoor lighting designs are destined to become favorites for the upcoming season and beyond

tree lighting and festoon lighting used together for this commercial holiday lighting installation

This commercial holiday lighting display combines holiday tree lighting with festoon lighting for an enchanting effect.

We are getting in gear for a busy holiday lighting season here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. As the phone rings, the roster has begun to fill up for both residential and commercial slots for our holiday lighting program. As an integral part of our holiday lighting program, you get to work alongside one of our professional lighting designers during your consultation to create just the right holiday look for your home or business. As we have started the consulting phase for many of our commercial holiday lighting customers, we have begun to see a trend among business owners as to what kind of holiday lighting designs are drawing the most attention.

While our huge selection of elegant commercial holiday lighting designs are always a crowd pleaser, many of our commercial customers are opting for a more permanent approach to holiday lighting by utilizing our year-round permanent festival lighting designs. Our permanent festival lighting is based on the same principles of promoting ambiance at your storefront or place of business to make it stand out from the ordinary and enliven character. Permanent commercial outdoor lighting and festival lighting is an attention grabber and makes patrons give your place of business a second look, and makes their visit more memorable.

Permanent festoon lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville at The Gulch

Permanent festoon lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville at The Gulch.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville  recently completed a stunning installation of permanent holiday festival lighting in the popular Nashville area known as “The Gulch“. This area is located on the South-West fringe of  Nashville between Music Row and downtown and is a haven for urban residential living and commercial hot spots. For this particular installation we used festoon styled outdoor lighting which mimics the look of outdoor lighting found in European street cafes. Festoon lighting is installed via a suspension wire to ensure the stability and safety of the lighting for use on a permanent basis. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville makes certain that each of our permanent commercial holiday lighting displays is installed with safety in mind, and meets or even exceeds all required codes for commercial lighting installations. The results from our project at the Gulch are awe-inspiring and the clients are elated with the finished product.

Roofline lights are still popular among commercial customers in Nashville

Roofline lights are still popular among commercial customers in Nashville during the holidays and beyond.

Along with the rising popularity of permanent holiday lighting designs for commercial venues, traditional holiday lighting is still in high demand. With fourth-quarter being the most crucial time of the year for many retail businesses, having the added benefit of brilliant holiday lighting to draw customers in and linger is a huge plus. Having your business lit for the holidays will also boost employee morale because getting everyone in the holiday state of mind will boost productivity and thus, boost sales!  Our commercial holiday lighting program includes tree lighting, facade lighting, roofline lighting, and installing lighted wreathsof all sizes at your business. Some of our top-selling outdoor lighting commercial products include Christmas strands of all colors including LED C9 string lights and lighted garland. Another benefit of our commerical holiday lighting program  is the way it was designed to make it easy for commercial businesses. We do everything from  designing and installing the lights at your desired time to taking them down and storing them for you after the holidays. We realize that the holiday season is already full of deadlines, paperwork and other expectations that have to be completed by year’s end, our holiday lighting program will take the chore of having to worry about holiday decorating at your place of business altogether- just relax and let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville do it for you!

Nashville commerical holiday tree lighting

Nashville commerical holiday tree lighting.

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John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

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