Top 5 Winter Projects…

1.         Getting Warmer

Make sure your pipes are protected from the winter elements.  You may want to contact a local plumber to make sure that you have your home fully protected.

2.         Warm efficiently

Call a local contractor to discus heating your home more efficiently.  Everyone wants to save a dollar so if you can heat your home and save on power consumption, why not? Green heating is becoming a big industry in the US. .

3.         Winter Remodeling

Have you ever thought about a home automation project for your home or a home theater system?  Winter time is a great time to look into this type of project.  There are companies that will offer free in home design consults that will sit down to listen to your needs and wants.

4.         In Home Design

Do you have a room that you have always wanted to decorate but really never took the time – why not now? It is to cold to go out and enjoy the great outdoors so why not enjoy that room in the house that never gets used.  If you are lacking ideas call an interior designer  for help on the project.

5.         Start planning for the Heat!!!!

If you have been putting off calling a contractor for an outside project this winter, STOP!  Now is the time to start gathering information on your outdoor projects.  The local contractors are in their slow months and are gearing up for the spring.  If you are planning a new outdoor living  area it is time to start planning.