How to purchase a lighting system

There is truly only one way to purchase an outdoor lighting system – the same way you purchase a new car, take it for a test drive.  When you are looking for a vehicle you can depend on; there are several steps that you take and they mirror choosing a lighting contractor too.

1.         Research

            You look into what type of vehicle you want and a reputable company to purchase from.

 2.        Evaluate importance

             You select the exact feather that you want


             You want to truly picture yourself with the vehicle

 4.        Investment

             This is a purchase that needs to last

Now, how does this equate to choosing a lighting company/design for you.  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can offer the same service, if not better, as purchasing a new car. Below is a list of how we make the process as smooth as possible:

1.         Research            

            OLP provides a very interactive website, blog site, Facebook page, outstanding rating with BBB, and many other outlets to gather information concerning OLP.  We also conduct free consults at your home so we can get a “real feel” for your project and allow you to ask us any questions you might have concerning your project. 

2.         Evaluating the importance

            During our visit to your home we listen to the important aspects of your project – whether you want security or simple curb appeal.  Make sure you articulate your concerns for the project and the trained designer will offer his suggestions (some you might not have thought about.)

3.         Take if for a test drive  

             Even though you don’t drive lights it sure would be nice to see your home lighting design before you invest.  Please ask for a night time preview or demo.  This will allow you to see YOUR home with lights instead of looking at your neighbor’s home and imagining what your home would look like at night.  

             This process allows you live with your lights before you make the investment.  You can walk up the drive at night with the lights, take a look outside your bedroom window while the temporary system is out – it simple lets you enjoy day to day activities before you invest in the system and company. (Again, free of cost to you – we want you to feel as comfortable with your decision as possible.)

4.         Invest  

             Remember you are not investing in just a fixture but the whole lighting experience (Company, design, fixtures, install, warranty, and service follow up.) This is truly an investment and should be the last lighting system you have to purchase.  

            Lighting your home is an important home improvement project and should be taken as seriously as possible from the company you choice.  This is an investment that not only you will be enjoying but your entire neighborhood. 

These are snap shoots of a home during the demo process.  You can see that you truly get to see the project – from how the path/steps will look, what will the trees look like with lights on them, and just exactly how the home can be illuminated.