Here in TN fall is the reason for the season, and a great time to consider adding tree lighting to your landscape

Maple in the fall

Maples, which are native to Nashville, offer some of the most vibrant fall foliage of all trees.

I cannot speak for everyone, but fall is the season that makes me thankful I live in Tennessee. Our autumns offer some of the most beautiful examples of Mother Nature’s majesty with the changing of the leaves. Tennessee is noted as having some of the most spectacular fall foliage of anywhere on the map. Tourists come from all over the country just to see our colorful display. There are even mapped tours such as the Natchez Trace Parkway that offer some of the most beautiful renderings of fall foliage as anywhere in the U.S.  Along with the color of the forests, many of those same trees that exude fiery color each fall are found in many of the landscapes of those who reside in Nashville. Being a resident means you have to travel no further than your backyard in order to see the ambers and crimsons of the season. This very reason is enough to consider introducing a way to extend the hours you are able to drink in this beauty by adding professional tree lighting into your landscape.

Nashville tree lighting

The changing colors of this tree under the spell of professional tree lighting add to this picture perfect image.

Professional tree lighting is an art in itself. By adding this specialized area of landscape lighting to your property you will also add the ability to savor the colors of fall with no time limits. Even when the sun has set, your landscape will be ablaze with the reason of the season. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville specializes in focal tree lighting and multiple tree lighting. Whether you wish to select a few choice conifers to illuminate within your landscape, or even a tree-lined border or driveway, we can bring out the best features of each tree.

Nashville Japanese Maple lighting

The unique form and wide spreading branches of the Japanese Maple make it a perfect tree for focal tree lighting.

Our area provides a plethora of native trees such as oaks, maples, poplars and birches that come to life during the fall. Many of these native trees are abundant in our landscape designs and make a perfect starting point for landscape lighting. Along with the trees that are native to our area, ornamental trees are also popular landscape choices and offer visual interest with the changing season as well.

Our many tree lighting techniques add drama and a focal point in your yard. Each tree we light is enhanced by the subtle elements involved in properly illuminating it without overpowering it. We use a combination of up lighting to accentuate the height and majesty of the tree.  We also include well lights, wide-angle bulbs and moonlighting to accentuate the width a depth of the tree we are lighting. Each tree is treated as an individual. We take the tree’s special characteristic into consideration to decide which lighting element will work best. Our technique uses a soft wash of romantic light to bring out the distinct beauty of each specimen.

Tree Lighting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Nothing compare to the haunting beauty of tree lighting, by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

In the same way every picture tells a story, every tree adds changing drama  for each season. Adding tree lighting to your forte’ of landscape lighting will not only enhance the curb appeal of your home and landscape, it will enable you to watch the beauty unfold from season to season. We can enhance the warm hues of fall, and the tender blooms of spring and everything in between.

If you are on the fence about adding landscape lighting, and tree lighting to your landscape, now is the perfect time. We can have your system up and running in plenty of time to enjoy the splendor in the leaves and the abundance of beauty beyond the season. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today to learn more. (615) 373 – 0638

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Visit our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery located on our website to see more example of tree lighting. Remember, we also specialize in outdoor holiday tree lighting as well. With the holidays just around the corner now is the time to schedule an appointment in time for the holiday rush. You can see example of trees decked out in their holiday finest by visiting our outdoor holiday lighting gallery, also located on our website.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville Southern tree lighting

Nashville maple tree lighting

This Maple tree is a Nashville native, and would make the perfect candidate for tree lighting in the landscape.

Among the many memorable things the South is noted for, its glorious variety of native trees has to be at the top of the list. From the spanish moss that covers the Live oaks of the eerily beautiful streets of  historic Georgia, tothe Bald Cypress trees that line the great Mississippi. Tennessee has a wide variety of native trees that are a pleasure to look at too,  such as a plethora of Oaks, Maples, Dogwoods, Poplars and Birches. Many of the trees that thrive naturally in Tennessee our among the favorites used by homeowners as a foundation to their landscape. Along with the native specimens, a wide variety of ornamental trees can also be seen in the yards of Tennesseans.

Nashville ornamental weeping tree lighting

Weeping tree varieties, like this unique miniature weeping evergreen look beautiful under a soft wash of light.

With the beauty that surrounds us in the abundance of specimen conifers here in the South, it is a no-brainer that trees deserve their place in any outdoor lighting design. We think that tree lighting is one of the most subtle ways to light your landscape without overpowering it. Tree lighting can also create a focal point of interest in the landscape. Trees like Crepe Myrtles, Japanese maples, peeling River Birches, and weeping varieties of trees make a phenomenal impact in the landscape under the soft wash of outdoor lighting. Ornamental trees  also add visual interest throughout the changing seasons. A Crepe Myrtle for example has an interesting form throughout the winter and blooms heavily in the mid-summer to early fall, the large bloom buds that are present in the early Spring mimic the look of large rose hips and are also very interesting. Weeping cherries, weeping mulberries and even weeping pussy willow trees are alive from season to season with dramatic changes, from a tree with hauntingly elegant branching  changing to colors of pink, whites and reds to an eventual tree weeping with green leaves.

Nashville Japanese Maple lighting

The unique form and wide-spreading branches of the Japanese Maple make it a perfect tree for focal tree lighting.

We use a combination of up lighting to accentuate the height and presence of the tree, well lights, wide bulbs and even moonlighting in some cases to bring out the best features of the tree your lighting. With Japanese maples for instance the best light to use is the well light. Two fixtures placed at the canopy of the tree at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock with 60 degree wide bulbs create a mystical look when the light filters through the leaves of these exotic trees.

Nashville Crepe Myrtle tree lighting

Crepe Myrtles add interest to the landscape year round, and change season to season making them perfect for tree lighting.

No matter what species of native, ornamental or exotic tree you treasure in your landscape we can make it even more stunning by adding outdoor tree lighting. We can turn your landscape from elegant by day to stunning by night. Tree lighting will add curb appeal and make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn more about tree lighting, landscape lighting and every genre of outdoor lighting.

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