The best way to do holiday lighting in Nashville

Nashville Christmas Lighting

Holiday lighting Nashville

I awoke this morning to see two more houses on my block had just put up a great display for Halloween including Halloween outdoor lighting. Although I’m glad they are lighting up the street, I had to wonder if it was really worth their effort being only a week away from Halloween. Both of the houses used orange string lights so they certainly can not be used for the Christmas holidays. Just a week from now, they’ll be saddled with the task of taking them down.

I remember with great fondness the couple of years I forced myself to decorate my front yard for Christmas. I say couple years because the other years I used excuse after excuse not to drag out the ladders and string of lights, and trips to Target to get replacement bulbs. Not to mention extension cords and time spent outside that I could be relaxing on my weekend.

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Only 61 days til Christmas!!