There’s more to admire in the landscape than just lawn.

For many homeowners, spring is the season they most enjoy their home’s landscape. Whether it is because of that lush, green lawn they have worked so hard to feed and tend, or the parade of bountiful blooms heavy on limb and leaf, fragrant and colorful, spring is the season that provides stimulation for all the senses! In order to get breathtaking results, now is also the time of year when homeowners spend a considerable amount of time and effort to ensure they have a landscape they can be proud of.

One commonly overlooked feature that provides endless benefits to the landscape in the evening is landscape lighting. With a growing trend towards outdoor living, having the ability to enjoy the spoils of your labor can be just as beneficial in the evening as they are during the daylight hours. Quality outdoor landscape lighting can turn your spring landscape into a jewel that shines after dark.

Franklin TN LED residential outdoor lighting

The outdoor lighting at the stunning home in Franklin, TN serves as a perfect example of how you can benefit from LED landscape lighting.

There are four (4) main benefits to adding landscape lighting to your property. These are beauty and curb appeal, safety, security and the way it adds value to your home. While the aesthetic benefits of landscape lighting are an inevitable plus, the added benefit of making your home safer and more secure is a driving force for installing landscape lighting for many homeowners.

Nashville BB02 path light used in award winning entry garden at Nashville Antiques and Garden show

Nashville path lighting elegantly integrated into this award-winning show garden.

Landscape lighting aids in a more secure home because of the lack darkness your landscape offers to would-be criminals. Burglars typically decide which homes to rob from their vantage point in the street. They look for easy accessible homes they think they can enter and exit without being observed by neighbors or passersby. If your Nashville home and landscape is well-lit, criminals are more likely to pass it by, since an attempted break-in on your property would require them to step into the light, leaving them vulnerable and exposed.

From a safety perspective, the addition of landscape lighting improves safety for you, your family and guests walking around your property at night. Whether it is a quick trip to the pool house to grab laundry, or an evening game of corn hole by the deck or patio, landscape lighting will ensure the areas you frequent in the evening are visible and safe for eased travel and enjoyment.

It is no secret that homes with professional outdoor lighting installations generally sell for more than those which do not. Not only does your home “show” better at night for potential buyers and to spark interest, today’s home buyer is savvy and recognizes the many benefits of outdoor lighting in comparison to other homes in their price range.  Remember, landscape lighting which has been installed by a licensed outdoor lighting professional ensures proper installation and placement for optimal aesthetic value. This is one of the many reasons investing in a professionally installed system is worth the investment.

Outdoor Lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

Outdoor Lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

There are also many different types of landscape lighting including to choose from when deciding to move ahead with a professional system. These include line voltage and low voltage, but here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville we receive more requests for LED outdoor lighting systems. LED’s are extreme energy efficiency and offer a very long bulb life.  Since they don’t use a “filament” in the classic sense, the piece of metal inside a bulb that burns out causing a normal bulb to fail, an LED bulb can last for tens of thousands of hours. LED technology has advanced in such a way that it is widely used and well received by Nashville homeowners as the top choices for outdoor lighting, meaning: your peonies will seem pinker and more vivid, as will the lushness of your lawn, under the spell of LED landscape lighting!

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

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Nashville outdoor lighting provides four seasons of added safety, security and stunning beauty to your home and landscape

Nashville outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting enhances your home and landscape every evening through every season.

For many folks the latter part of winter can present itself in dismal ways. The excitement of the holidays is behind us for another year and our Nashville homes and landscapes are vacant of the holiday lighting that was present just a short time back. Do you remember the way you felt each time you pulled into your driveway and gazed upon your home and landscape under the warming glow of  holiday lighting? Do you miss the way the lights subtly accentuated your home and property? If so, you are not alone in missing the enchantment that outdoor holiday lighting brings. Instead of spending another dark evening wishing you could get that feeling back, why not install outdoor lighting  that will keep that magic alive all through the year?

Outdoor lighting can extend your hours of enjoyment into the evening all around your home and within your landscape. Having outdoor lighting will also improve the safety and security of your home, and improve your home’s curb appeal. Not only will you get peace of mind in knowing the lights are on when you need them most, you will also get to experience the  nuances of nature that are missed by keeping your landscape in the dark.    With outdoor lighting each season presents its own distinct beauty and you get to witness each of these changes under the soft wash of light that outdoor lighting will provide.

Nashville tree lighting

Outdoor lighting brings forgotten areas of your landscape to life.

The Winter Landscape

Nashville’s frigid winter temperatures may chill the bones, but snow, ice and the unique qualities of the winter landscape lend a magical beauty, especially under the illumination of outdoor lighting.  Outdoor lighting will enhance the haunting silhouettes of leafless tress within your yard. Even though the trees are lacking in their leafy abundance their beauty is still present.  Well lit paths and entries will also guard against accidents that could result from treading on dark, slippery surfaces in the cold of the winter evenings.

Nashville garden lighting in the rose garden

Garden lighting accentuates the beauty of blooming perennials and other foliage in the landscape.

The Spring Landscape

Bulbs and flowers begin to wake up from their long winter nap and the landscape comes alive with color. Perennial grasses come out of dormancy and the trees within our landscapes bud and spring new growth. With the addition of outdoor lighting such as garden and landscape lighting you will get a ring-side seat to witness the attraction of the world around you springing to life. As the days and nights begin to get warmer your desire to stay outdoors also heats up, outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy the inspirational beauty of spring with a well-lit home and landscape.

A well lit pool and surround means safety and beauty

A well-lit pool and surround means safety and beauty

The Summer Landscape

Not only does summer present more opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities after the sun goes down, the landscape itself lends itself to lingering longer in the evening hours. Outdoor lighting will enable extended hours of enjoyment in all facets of your landscape. Adding pool and underwater lighting to your pool area will enable you to enjoy a dip in the pool on those balmy summer nights, and deck and patio lighting will ensure your outdoor celebrations aren’t forced indoors due to the lack of light. Outdoor lighting will let you love and live in your landscape all summer long. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville also offers party and special events lighting that is perfect for outdoor events you have planned, such as parties and weddings just to name a few.


This gazebo comes to life at night within the landscape with outdoor lighting

The Autumn Landscape

Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year in Tennessee. Our area is among only a handful of areas throughout the country that draws in tourists just to view our lovely fall foliage each autumn. Our landscapes are ablaze with color from amber to gold and every hue in-between. Tree lighting is one genre of outdoor lighting that will allow you to enjoy all the changing beauty of the trees within your yard. We use a combination of up and down lighting, as well as moon lighting, to play up the beauty and unique form of each tree. With outdoor lighting you will never miss a moment of the changes nature provides.

If you are ready to witness all of Mother Nature’s majesty in your landscape every evening, for 365 days a year outdoor lighting is just the ticket. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to make it happen. We can schedule an evening demonstration to show you all the beauty and magic you have been missing. Call today (615) 373 – 0638

John Groce - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

John Groce – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville

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LED Ribbon Lights are Weaving Romance into Every Lighting Application

Nashville pool waterfall lighting

Create a shimmering waterfall effect.

Outdoor lighting applications are a great way to create a mood of ambiance and romance within the landscape. One way that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville utilizes light to create a mood enhancing effect is through the use of LED ribbon lighting. This ribbon lighting is often used in recreational setting such as pool and water feature lighting, deck lighting and under bars and shelves in outdoor kitchen and bar areas, and under built-in seating and benches on patios and decks. Ribbon lighting exudes a very even, soft and romantic light. The added positive attribute to LED ribbon lighting is since it is LED, it is as easy on the environment and pocketbook as it is on the eyes.


LED ribbon lighting for use in underwater applications.

LED ribbon lighting is used in and around pools and water features and is completely submersible and is very effective in delivering even light with an effect that is unforgettable. They are often used under the ledges of waterfalls to add a distinctive glow to the water that spills out from the water feature, creating an unforgettable result.  Can you imagine a midnight swim in your pool under the glow of these dreamy lights?


We also offer colored LED ribbon lighting for specialized applications.

With the installation of LED ribbon lighting your outdoor structures will become a relaxed place of refuge when entertaining, or just enjoying an evening at home. This unique outdoor lighting implement is a force to be reckoned with when used within the landscape in conjunction with  our quality lighting fixtures. The technology of these lights add another chapter in the book of  beautiful outdoor lighting  design.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville currently installs a tremendous amount of LED ribbon lighting which hosts the warm white light aspect of the light, however, there is color changing LED ribbon lights which can be used for a particular setting or used in a specialized application to achieve maximum effects.

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

John Groce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville

Our preference has always been to create a subtle romantic lighting effect that allows your eye to focus on what is being illuminated instead of what is doing the illuminating.The LED ribbon lights give us another outlet to weave our magic into your outdoor lighting. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn more about what it means to have a lighting effect instead of just a bunch of outdoor lights. We can schedule a night-time demonstration to show you just how beautiful your property can be in the veil of night. (615) 373 – 0638  email:

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