An OLP-Nashville customer’s experience with LCA (Lighting Control Automation)

I need to give credit where it is due. One of our main service technicians and programmers had an installation on a home that had been using a few X-10 timers to operate her system for years. It is a 200+ yr old home with somewhat updated wiring but noise is rampant and really gave X-10 a hard time. Throughout the entire home the noise was consistent no matter what location the testing was done. Noise is interference to the signal sent from a transmitter to a receiver device.

He replaced the entire old X-10 system with our new LCA system.

The homeowner however was insistent that the timer should be located upstairs for immediate control. Easily done without this extreme noise but the goal was set. Our service tech ran a test from the upstairs location and could not read devices from there.

Well some phone calls were made and the recommendation was to install a device inside the breaker box that would allow better communication throughout the home.

After some tweaking and crucial adjustments were made to this device, the homeowner was able to have the timer installed where she wanted. The signal levels were increased and the noise didn’t seem to remain an issue.

Of course time will tell but the fact that his persistence and willingness to overcome an obstacle made OLP-Nashville stand out. We were able to achieve and solve a problem she had been living with for years.

It’s always nice to accomplish a difficult task and to achieve the wishes of our customers.

Let us know how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can accommodate you with your desired lighting control.