What Makes an Expert?

Nicholas Murray Butler said, “An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less.”  Whether or not this was a serious stance on Mr. Butler’s part, I found the statement comically familiar.  In a world full of how-to and instructional books, here’s a piece of knowledge for any interested consumer.  You don’t call an optometrist when you have a toothache. 

I’m not saying that companies shouldn’t multitask.  True businessmen feel compelled to establish certain attributes to separate themselves from competition.  Any satisfied customer will tell you it’s the little things that count.  Industry leaders don’t achieve and maintain success by test driving every money making venture that comes down the pike.  There’s a reason B&E Irrigation and Bonner Landscaping  are at the top of their respective fields year in and year out. 

My point, I suppose, is buyer beware.  If you want results, if you want satisfaction, invest in a company that has a sense of focus.  Let’s not call them “experts.”  Let’s call them “specialists.”  Watch out for a company that spreads itself too thin; they might just disappear.

John Groce – Senior Designer of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Nashville