Sandra Nichols Landscaping and OLP make a great team!

As I was looking through last months issue of Nashville Home & Décor Ideas, I came across an article by Sandra Nichols Landscaping, Inc one of our preferred partners.  Over the past few months she has referred several customers for lighting needs.  It made me realize that Spring has now sprung and people will get back out and start enjoying their landscape and gardens.  Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives help you enjoy those gardens after the daylight hours while adding a sense of security and we also highly recommend Sandra Nichols Landscaping for any of your landscaping needs.

Happy Early Spring

As I am driving back from the North Georgia mountains yesterday I had time to think about all the cold weather that we have had and thought to myself – “When is it ever going to warm up?” As I thought about that for a while I started to see signs that spring is on its way to middle Tennessee (I am not saying we don’t have some cold days ahead of us) but the “little things” that people do when warmer weather is approaching. Sometimes we are moving so fast that we don’t even noticed the small things like: the children starting to ride their bikes up and down the driveway, the next door neighbor pressure washing the patio, or even the way people interact with one another (usually the warmer the weather the friendlier the interaction!!)

As I drove I noticed that the traffic on the road was just a little heavier as I approached Nashville.  It seemed as if people were starting to “wake up” from a long winters nap and start looking for an activity that would make them feel more involved with their environment.  I stopped at a small convenient store, outside of town, and over heard two older gentlemen talking about the garden they were planting this year – they were sitting outside too!   I saw two kids throwing a baseball talking about the up coming baseball sign up day at the school.  All of this lead me write down a few things that I plan on doing to get ready for the much anticipated spring season:

1.         Clean that patio off – I have let my patio become a collection of “STUFF.” 

2.         Cut and trim all the dead limbs of my trees – I want to get this done before all the leaves start growing back and I just bought myself a new chainsaw!

3.         Buy that swing that my wife wants to put on our front porch

4.         Hit the gym, ha!

5.         Donate all the old summer clothes that I don’t plan on wearing this season – there are plenty of charities in need

….and the last item on my list is to “wake up” from my winter hibernation and get out and enjoy this beautiful home of middle Tennessee….

Spring really starts around March 20th but I’m starting now – Happy Early Spring Everyone…